Friday, June 20, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & The Art Of Creating Money! June 19, 2014


For most of us the concept that creating money as an art is foreign to us.  Some of us look at art in awe thinking that we can only draw stick figures.  The same applies for the art of creating money however instead of drawing stick figures, we don't even draw six figures.  Will this always be the way? Will this art be for someone who has an innate ability at it or can we learn how to make the art of creating money a masterpiece. What does it take to master the art form of creating money and abundance?  Is it as simple as taking courses, finding a mentor, watching and listening to the information that's available or do only some of us have a predisposition for this skill. Do we need a certain type of personality to make money? Steve did an amazing facilitation showing us that all we need is a willingness to learn.  If we can learn the right strategies, creating money can become masterful.  The inner tools are your passion, purpose and connectedness combined with confidence, drive and ambition.  The outer tools are your products, services and any way you can be of service to others.  For more information on this event please go to
Topics For The Night
Strategies For Creating Money
Creating money                                gratitude                                        
appreciation                                      surrounded by similar people       perseverance                                    persistence
goal setting                                       determination                               
planning                                            confidence
Dreams of Guests
Accounting                                             Online platform                        
assisting young entrepreneurs           Kindergarten teacher
Open school in china                            Exporting in brazil
Property Management                         Inspiring Women
Self sufficient and travel world          Mentor and life coach
Ebook for entrepreneurs                     Football player
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Couple Great Events Jun12th and 13th For Soul City Social Club

 What Women & Men Really Want!
This event featured guests coming together to explore what men and women wanted.  The night started off with an appreciation exercise which set an enthusiastic mind frame.  It was then followed by answers to the question of "what is the difference between 1989 and now in terms of dating?'  There were some great answers from where people met in the past, how technologies evolved or de-evolved the dating world, how work influenced the dating world and also what techniques are best used today vs. 1989 when it comes to finding potential partners.  Steve helped the audience to take a good look at themselves and develop strategies through group discussion that can be implemented.  Steve also mentioned the law of attraction, meaning we attract that which we vibrate with.  If we believe in lack we will attract lack, if we believe in abundance we will attract abundance.  It's important to emphasize this point because with dating some people are meeting undesirables where others are finding great quality people.  So why is some people finding one thing and others are finding something else.  It's all in the law of attraction!
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The Afternoon Entrepreneurs Club! (Doing What You Love)
Many guests have come from different backgrounds to converge on this single point in time with a mission to learn something about themselves and the business world.  They ranged from leader, follower, creator, inspirer, artist and builder.  the core qualities took on many varieties depending on product, service and time.  Steve did a great job in helping to bring some focus to the challenges the guests were going through. 

The Challenges of the group were:
Overcoming Rejection                                         Effectively delegating
Being Motivated                                                  Great marketing
Planning/focus (on vs. in)                                    Personal growth
Time management                                               Work/life balance
Technology demands                                           Self worth
Competition                                                         Priorities
Effective communication

If you have any solutions to these strategies please post them here or on the meetup site.
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