Friday, June 20, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & The Art Of Creating Money! June 19, 2014


For most of us the concept that creating money as an art is foreign to us.  Some of us look at art in awe thinking that we can only draw stick figures.  The same applies for the art of creating money however instead of drawing stick figures, we don't even draw six figures.  Will this always be the way? Will this art be for someone who has an innate ability at it or can we learn how to make the art of creating money a masterpiece. What does it take to master the art form of creating money and abundance?  Is it as simple as taking courses, finding a mentor, watching and listening to the information that's available or do only some of us have a predisposition for this skill. Do we need a certain type of personality to make money? Steve did an amazing facilitation showing us that all we need is a willingness to learn.  If we can learn the right strategies, creating money can become masterful.  The inner tools are your passion, purpose and connectedness combined with confidence, drive and ambition.  The outer tools are your products, services and any way you can be of service to others.  For more information on this event please go to
Topics For The Night
Strategies For Creating Money
Creating money                                gratitude                                        
appreciation                                      surrounded by similar people       perseverance                                    persistence
goal setting                                       determination                               
planning                                            confidence
Dreams of Guests
Accounting                                             Online platform                        
assisting young entrepreneurs           Kindergarten teacher
Open school in china                            Exporting in brazil
Property Management                         Inspiring Women
Self sufficient and travel world          Mentor and life coach
Ebook for entrepreneurs                     Football player
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