Monday, March 31, 2014

Recap: The 7 Decades Spring Bash! March 28, 2014

This party was a night to remember as the weather held and brought a little warmth.  It was amazing to watch as the guests kept coming and by 10PM the place had 190 guests.  Steve was on game that night playing a great mix of songs and people had a lot of fun dancing.  Steve also made a great touch when he mixed in some slow songs shown by the compliments I received.  So what more can you ask for besides a packed house, great music, friends, food and drinks?  How about a request song board and this became a hit filling up with songs quickly.  Steve Flemming knows how to treat a great quality party.  He knows the right venue, the right songs, the right attitude and the right staff to make the event a success.  A special thank you to Belle for taking the pictures that night. For more information on this event please go to

Music was great and mixed some slow songs in. This was one of the best dances I have been to in years. Steve thanks it takes a lot of hard work for you to have successful events as tonight .

With so many decades of music, it is always good to juxtaposition song from different times more often & not stay in one 10-yr frame for too long.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Recap: Springing Up Baby! (A Night of Hilarious Improv Comedy) March 22, 2014

Lights, camera, action or in this case, lights, action and laughs.  This show was a very popular show as there were no seats left and some people wanted to see the show so much they decided to stand for the performance.  Well, every show needs a standing ovation.  Then the standing area got filled and some guests had to be turned away.  Steve always recommends to follow the details on the website being,  arrive at 7:30PM.  The show took place in a large room with leather comfortable chairs where every seat had a great view.  No more of the "excuse me sir/madam can you move your head slightly".  Well the show started off with a bang, literally I think a glass fell and made a huge bang.  The improv troupes gave great performances.  There were three groups performing, two before the break and one afterwards.  All of the actors touched the audience in one way or another, some  even came down from the stage to touch the audience.  It was great to see the actors wanting audience participation and suggestions.  A special thank you to Marsha and Chris who were selected to go up on stage and be part of the show. 
Steve and Ralph (the contact at Black Swan Pub) are great at what they do, Steve had the foresight to work with Ralph and create a great show.  Steve was a master at bringing in the guests and Ralph brought in the right talent.  I can see this event being a popular one for a very long time.  All of the talent was very respectful of the audience and greatful for the opportunity to perform.  This made a great positive, uplifting energy in the room as Steve has been always known for.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recap: Friday Night Pool! March, 21, 2014

As guests came into Chalkers Pub, they were greeted by a host and hostess representing a concert.  They were shown to turn to the left where I sat waiting to register everyone.  The music from the concert was heard throughout the restaurant and billiard room providing a good ambiance.  By 8:30PM the billiard room was packed with guests mingling and playing pool.  Steve did a great job with booking the right amount of tables and as usual bringing positive, inspiring, uplifting people together.  Everyone seemed to get along and willing to share the billiard tables.  By 9:30PM the video DJ started and played great songs for the night.  People couldn't help but feel the energy to move and dance with the music.  Also, it was fun to watch videos from our past and relive those moments and memories again.  Steve was smart to book Friday Night Pool! on the same night as the video DJ.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & Networking! March 20, 2014

How would you like to share with other people in collaboration to inspire and ignite your professional development?  This is exactly what happened at this event Steve created and facilitated.  Everyone had an opportunity to share why they were at this event and promote their ideas.  We had in attendance people working in multi level marketing, corporate gifts and event coordinator, marketing, product innovation and invention, franchisee, business coach, PR writer, art gallery and retail store owner, web developer, designer and a financial coach.  Guests came from different backgrounds at each of the gatherings Steve organized.  Steve discovered the guests were either in school, in transition, working for someone else or an entrepreneur.  Steve was able to target in and shine a light giving ideas to each and every guest.  The topics covered were on gratitude,  the law of attraction, what helps, challenges and marketing efforts.  Guests came to learn, grow and be inspired which is exactly what they received.

What guests were thankful for:
Health                                                                            Internet                                          
School                                                                           Mother's cooking
Strength to move forward                                             Learning opportunities in failure/success
Food                                                                             Surprises
Family                                                                          Common sense

What ideas help your professional development:
If you do more than what you are paid to do then you will be paid more than what you do eventually
Focus on what you do and do it for you
Feed your brain
Write down 10 intentions/goals per day and achieve them
Happiness is a choice, choose it
Learn to create passive income streams
Come from service, just do it, take risks, take action and have fun
Push forward and learn from your mistakes

Challenges people are faced with:
Being new to Canada and getting established
Create more sales
Explain business better
Being introverted
Dealing with family issues and how it imposes on time constraints
Staying organized and time optimization

Marketing Strategies:
Give value                                                Focus on customers
Create rapport                                          Be honest
Be knowledgeable                                   Be a good listener
Be gentle                                                 Be sincere
Have a good story of proof                     What is your earning the right story
Learn from mistakes                               Forget about the outcome and you will get the income
Focus on the now

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Recap: The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash! Mar. 15, 2014

The party was a great success as Steve and The Uptown Loft always seems to attract a full room.  As the night went on more and more guests wearing green showed up and within an hour green was seen all of the room.  Steve as usual played some great songs and most of the party hit the dance floors.  Those who didn't want to dance had another area to mingle and enjoy each other's company.  This other area had a huge enough area wear guests could sit down or stand by a table and spread out.  No more of the tight crowded spaces, where if you were claustrophobic it would be a nightmare or it would turn you claustrophobic.  The Uptown Loft also has a spacious bar that is the length of half the room.  Here you can order most drinks and although I didn't see any you might have been able to order green beer.  Steve did a great job providing people with a positive, fun, uplifting room.

St. Paddy's day commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish.  Celebrations were typically done with a parade, a festival and the wearing of shamrocks.  The holiday was also celebrated with food and alcohol for the day.  Saint Patrick was kidnapped by Irish Raiders and taken as slave to Gaelic Ireland. He spent six years working as a Shepherd before he spoke to God and was told to flee to the coast and find a ship.  He eventually made it home and became a priest.  Patrick later made it back to Ireland and converted pagans to Christianity.  He died on March 17.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recap: Friday Night Games! March 14, 2014

At these game night events the most amazing thing always happens.  It starts off with about 15 people and then at 8:30PM the room is packed.  Steve Flemming brought games everyone enjoyed and laughter was heard through the restaurant to the billiard tables in the distant area.  I had several people peek in to see everyone playing board games.  It seemed this was a great way to bring out the inner kid we all have inside of us.  The popular games of the night were Taboo, Head bangers, Scategories, Apple to Apple, scrabble and as usual Family feud.  Steve was also great at updating his inventory and listening to what people want to play.  A special thank you to Chris for hosting Family feud and he did a great job.

You can always count on the following games to be available:
Pictionary, Taboo, Scrabble, Scategories, Family Feud, Poker, Chinese Checkers, Jenga, Chess, Checkers, Balderdash, Boogle, Yatzee, UNO, Cranium, Euchre, Backgammon, Name 5 and Monopoly.

Recap: the Right Partner For You! (Laugh & Learn) March 13, 2014

Are You Ready To Love And Be Loved?

Spring is just around the corner and there is still snow on the ground.  The good news is that we are starting to have warm spurts of weather.  Torontonians have been waiting a long time for warmer weather and to have glimpses again of what it’s like is a great gift.  The question is can our hearts be as kind.  Can we give ourselves the gift of romance?  Can we show spurts of warmth and affection?  This is a great time to master the inner game of loving ourselves and gain the ability to love someone else.  Steve Flemming’s event on attracting the right partner educated us to do this very thing.  Law of attraction according to a definition given by a fellow guest at the event dictates you are what you attract.  Meaning when you love and accept yourself you will attract that. 

One of the key topics discussed at “Attracting The Right Partner” was how to approach someone.  We discussed there are certain times when a woman can approach a guy being at a bar, grocery store and on vacation.  A great start to the approach is with eye contact and a smile (this can be applied to both sexes).  Also, calm any fears you may have by breathing, relaxing, letting go of expectations, be present and playful. When a woman engages a man, it’s best for the man to be honest, genuine, funny and playful.  It’s best for the woman to show genuine interest, be real, funny and playful.  Guy’s need to remember more is less sometimes so not too much touching, staring and negativity. Lastly, hopefully chemistry and compatibility will play the tango with each other to create a song lasting sometimes an eternity.  When all of these ingredients are applied it can create connection, love, companionship, stability, security and a better version of you.  Steve brought the group together to teach us the ingredients, however, will you be able to become vulnerable again with a warm heart or is there just too much snow keeping it cold.

There are a lot of challenges we face and these are:

 Time                                             Trusting again

Culture                                          Differences

Bad experiences                         Compatibility

Connections                                Values   

Personality Conflicts                  Not sure where to go

Rushing into it                             Limiting Beliefs

Boredom                                      Chemistry

Confidence                                   Fear

Stress                                            Making same mistake

Friend Zone                                

It’s no wonder why people have such a hard time being open to love.  It can be draining to pursue the quest for love and happiness.  This is what makes Steve’s events so important.  It gives a roadmap for success!

Have a happy and loving journey from Steve and myself!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recap: Entrepreneurs Club (Attracting The Right Customers) Feb. 27, 2014

This event was a nice intimate group coming together from different backgrounds.  There were people from the financial sector, health and wellness, empowerment coaches, real estate, computer programmers, teachers, students and marketers.  Everyone in these areas were either working for someone, employees or in transition.  Steve Flemming and the group offered some great advice for people in need.  Sometimes we could use either a little push, an affirmation, guidance, a new idea or information on how to research something and Steve offers this in this particular event.  He also does his best to answer all of the guests questions.

Appreciation Shared By Group

Help others achieve their dreams                                      All of life
Supportive Clients/Friends/Family                                   Opportunities to travel
A chance to be educated                                                   The season of Spring is close
An enjoyable job/occupation

Topics Covered:
What is your fun in life (purpose)                                    How to better help clients            
 How to shift perspective on business (evolution)           Procrastination
Belief in Self                                                                    How to be of service
How to acquire resources to build a business                  How to be innovated/passionate

To create the passion spark
Find a point in your career when it was most exciting     Know where you are going
Focus on what you have going for you                             Remember there is abundance for everyone
Do something out of your comfort zone                           Embrace and trust the journey
Believe In Yourself                                                          Create yourself
Take responsibility for who you are                                Be creative and think for yourself
How To Duplicate Business
Be a leader                                                                        Trust
Have employees take ownership of business                   Discover employees strengths
Be honest
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Steve's Parties Are One Of A Kind!


There has been many events that Steve Flemming created and organized whether it be a social event, business/networking event, seminar, singles event, sporting event and many more.  From the ratings people had a great time and met many new friends.  However, living in Toronto we are faced with keeping the connections alive.  I want you to ask yourself, how many people did you meet at an event and kept in contact with?  How about the people you met and had a good connection with?  We only have so much time in a day and if you are like many of us, time seems to be speeding up.  Reunions are a great way to see familiar faces and connections again.  Steve Flemming's parties are not just parties they are a reunion.

Steve has the advantage of seeing many familiar faces and developing stronger connections.  But, for many of us being behind a desk, a computer or a number of other isolating places it becomes difficult to maintain and develop connections.  Whether you are wanting a friendship, a romance or just being with positive people these parties serve to bring these people together.  Reunions can serve many different desires we have and want to fulfill.  Again if you attended an event in the recent past and want to see these people again come and join us at the next party, The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash!

These parties always provide a lot of fun, laughter, cheer and joy.  Steve plays many of the great songs we listen to and this helps to provide the mood to connect with people from past events.  If you haven't attended a past event, start the journey with the next party at The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash!  Your smile will thank you.

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