Friday, March 21, 2014

Recap: The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash! Mar. 15, 2014

The party was a great success as Steve and The Uptown Loft always seems to attract a full room.  As the night went on more and more guests wearing green showed up and within an hour green was seen all of the room.  Steve as usual played some great songs and most of the party hit the dance floors.  Those who didn't want to dance had another area to mingle and enjoy each other's company.  This other area had a huge enough area wear guests could sit down or stand by a table and spread out.  No more of the tight crowded spaces, where if you were claustrophobic it would be a nightmare or it would turn you claustrophobic.  The Uptown Loft also has a spacious bar that is the length of half the room.  Here you can order most drinks and although I didn't see any you might have been able to order green beer.  Steve did a great job providing people with a positive, fun, uplifting room.

St. Paddy's day commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish.  Celebrations were typically done with a parade, a festival and the wearing of shamrocks.  The holiday was also celebrated with food and alcohol for the day.  Saint Patrick was kidnapped by Irish Raiders and taken as slave to Gaelic Ireland. He spent six years working as a Shepherd before he spoke to God and was told to flee to the coast and find a ship.  He eventually made it home and became a priest.  Patrick later made it back to Ireland and converted pagans to Christianity.  He died on March 17.

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