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Recap: The Entrepreneurs Club! (Keys to Attracting the Right Customers) April 24, 2014

One of the first questions to contemplate by the group was how does it feel for a new comer to arrive in Canada and what do they need to know to succeed here.  Imagine for a moment that you just stepped off the plane or boat to your new home in Canada.  Is the place strange, isolating, difficult to adapt and fast and confusing or do you feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on new challenges/opportunities.  Whether you are from another country or not we are all faced with this decision.  When we leave our front door what situations are we faced with and how do we handle them.  Sometimes the place we grow up in can seem so foreign, confusing and troubling.  At other times it's rewarding, exciting and loving.  What goes on in us to make the difference in perspective.  Is it something outside of us telling us how to perceive the world or perhaps it's something inside us.  Steve created this event to teach us the law of attraction, suggesting, that it is our inner game that determines how we perceive the world.  We need to change our perspectives and vibration in order to see a better world of business or life in general.  Sometimes a person arriving in a new place can have a much easier time adapting to an environment because there are less triggers to bring about unwanted beliefs than someone who grew up in the same environment.  We, however, do bring ourselves with us and within a matter of time in a new environment will create similar dysfunctional life patterns until we heal them.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  Steve created an opportunity to have the audience glimpse at a better future and the steps or actions to take if they wanted more of that glimpse. For more information on this event please go to

Topics Covered At This Event:
What the audience appreciated:
Pain I feel                                     Parents                                            Be here in the moment
Cars                                              Good support system                      Health
Flow in spite of adversity            Friends                                            Surrounded by good people

What Makes Being Self Employed Great?
The freedom to be you                                      Ability to write off expenses
Flexible schedule and location                          Earnings can be unlimited
Can work 7 days a week                                   More meaningful
Time for different activities                                Freedom to choose
Being responsible                                             Do business with who you want
Provide more focus on needs                           Express yourself, dress however
Nobody above you                                           You can retire yourself and not fire yourself

What Makes Being Your Own Boss Challenging?
Cash flow                                                       Trading time for money
Have to do everything                                    Actively go and find clients
Procrastination                                               Turning off/on brain
Undermining/undercutting business              Financing
Baby sitting                                                   Marketing
Find reliable employees                                Taking time off
Listening                                                       Find reliable information
Lack of benefits                                            Lack of financial security
Being accountable for everything                Delegate and train others
Giving up control                                         Isolation/lack of emotional support

How Do You Maintain A Strong Business Relationship/Friendship With Clients/Employees?
Demonstrate you care, listen, keep things clear, need to cater to person, you can share without feeling like a burden, friends can open a huge door into both lives

What State Do We Want To Be In?
A state of learning, taking action, having a sense of daily accomplishment, feel good no matter what, always be centered, follow your bliss, choose to be happy and greatful, choose better perspectives, be able to reflect on the situation, cutting yourself some slack, be thankful for opportunities, enjoy what you have, think of yourself as having it all already, go to the limits of what's worrying you, make peace with yourself

How Do You Stop Worrying?
To know it always works out, we are always taken care of

How Do You Get Into Inner Resourcefulness?
Work on yourself, create a daily routine, be happy and take action

Some Final Thoughts
Listen to your inner voice                         Always stay humble
Change your thoughts                               Choose for you and not others

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recap: The 70's vs 80's Good Friday Bash! April 18, 2014

Do you remember that famous movie called The Blues Brothers, starring Dan Akroyd and John Belushi? Do you remember the scene where they were playing behind a fence to a rowdy crowd?  The fence was used to block beer bottles being thrown at the band.  Well, this was Steve at this venue called The Cage 292 on College Street.  There wasn't any beer bottles being thrown at Steve and Steve actually did a great job at pleasing the crowd playing some great music.  The guests also were able to go behind the fence and dance in a small area in front of the DJ table.  The fence provided some amusement as guests were having fun using the fence as a prop to bring out some inhibitions.  We had over 160 people attend this event and almost everyone found friends or new acquaintances to connect with socially.  Some even found a bit of a romance happening through the night.  As guests walked in they were able to check their coat, then I greeted and registered them  Right after the entrance a small cage was displayed and through the night people went into the cage and had some fun.  You can see some photos of some of the people that went into the cage.  After the cage there was a long bar able to accommodate the crowd.  Towards the front of the bar was a door that led people into another room for more intimate conversations and to relax from dancing.  Towards the back of the bar was the dance floor and DJ area.  The further forward you came the quieter the music got allowing for conversation without talking loud. 
To see the event photos and more on this event please go to
The music Steve played was all the best from the 70's and 80's (Including Top 40, Rock, New Wave, Pop, Retro, Disco, Dance, R&B and Funk).  The Cage 292 was a hidden gem on College St. If you can find the entrance to the second floor there is an oasis of fun. This place features anything from magic shows, karaoke, bands, amateur mic night and improv acting to name a few.  There is plenty of seating in the two adjoining rooms.  There is great staff, food and drinks creating an atmosphere of fun.
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Recap: Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction (Safrina Kadri & Shiraz Baboo) April 17, 2014

From the smallest atom to the greatest reaches in the galaxy everything is made up of energy.  People throughout history have been on a quest to attract energy as it is our form of electricity.  We have created all sorts of products from liquids (energy drinks, coffee etc.) to machines, procedures, rituals and a number of other devices to have more energy.  Safrina and Shiraz did a great job at showing the importance of our energy.  Safrina taught us the importance of outer positive or negative energies where we live, work and play or socialize.  Shiraz taught us the importance of our inner energy and where we vibrate.  If we want to attract a better life it's important to tune in, tap in and turn on that frequency in us to attract our desires.  No matter who you are, how much money you have, how driven and passionate you are, we all need to recharge our energy by sleeping.  We are essentially a rechargeable battery and it's important what type of energy we encounter and bring into our bodies.
Steve had great foresight when he brought these two dynamic presenters together and this is why Steve always has maintained great success with his events.

Topics Covered:
What The Audience Appreciates:
Health                          Happiness                             Husband
Independence              Family                                   Being at this event
Sunshine                      The internet                           Wife
Sister's getting married                                              Synchronicity
Great Friends

Shafira and Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the energy outside of our body where we live, work and play or socialize.  Every space can either support you in health, wealth and relationships or block it.  It's an ancient form of science originated in China that can change the path of your life.  Feng Shui from time to time needs to be updated.  One way to determine the energy in a place is by intuitively feeling it.  Some people will have ailments arise from the energy of the room.  Feng Shui uses the five elements which are fire, water, earth, wood and medal.

3 Levels of Manifestation:
1)Heaven Luck-This is Karma, destiny and where you were born
2)Earth Luck-(Feng Shui) whatever you are surrounding your body with energy whether it be positive or negative is absorbed.  The three most important areas in your home are main door, bedroom and kitchen
3)Mankind Luck-(Law of attraction) our innter energy can be the hardes to change and overcome our actions, fears, decisions, self sabotaging patterns and our denial.

3 Levels of Energy:
1)Permanent Energy- as long as you are in a space, how is the space supporting you or breaking you down
2)Annual Energy-remember north, south, east, west and variations of the four directions such as northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
The money corner this year is south and southwest.  To activate it use a bright light.  However you don't want to be facing south this year until January of 2015.
North is great for career luck, fertility luck
Northeast corner creates jealousy, mishaps and loss.  2 straight bamboo stocks and 1 curly bamboo stock with water will help with this corner.
East this year can create more stress and illness.  To change the energy here use medal and a salt cure.  To create the salt cure have a pasta jar and fill it up 2/3 with core sea salt.  Use 6 pennies or dimes, put coins in circle on salt in jar, top it up with water and this is the remedy.  This will absorb the negative energy and crystalize the salt if it works.  If a ripple is created or the compass is off it won't work.
Southeast is creating conflict this year, internal conflict.  To reduce this energy use a red poster or pillow.
Center is good this year to activate romance and study luck.
Southwest is great for writers and a money corner to tap into good energy.
Northwest is the weakest direction.  Put a lot of medal objects in there to help energy.
South, Northwest and North shouldn't have any renovations this year.  No digging, drilling etc.

3)Montly Energy
The movement or change of energy by the month

To find your lucky directions email Shafira.

Law of Attraction by Shiraz
Definition of law of attraction/vibration-You will attract what you are vibrating at

Stay open to possibilities.  People who think they are right close off their possibilities.  people will get out of their comfort zone, but, quickly jump back again.  When you keep doing it the uncomfortable will eventually become comfortable.  We have a financial thermostat for a certain level and it needs to be increased to achieve more success.
Pent up emotions will lead to dis-ease leading to disease.  It's important to find the affirmations that you believe in.
Appreciate where you are and what pain you are going through because it will help you find where you are supposed to be.
To master the outer game one must master the inner game and love themselves first.
Lead by being an example for others and don't follow a path designed by others leading to destruction.  Do this for 3 days and see what happens.  You can be right or you can be rich.
Get into the vibration of what you want to attract.  Action is important to create what you want.
Contribution is important to attract what you want.  Help others and you will receive through Karma
Ask for what you want and let go of how it's going to arrive.
Accept responsibility for your life.  Be in frequency for what is going on and change this to better your life.
People who think too much can do meditation or concentrate at a flame on a lit candle

Monday, April 14, 2014

What Soul City Social Club Events Are About!

Today, Toronto is filled with different events on all sorts of topics.  So what makes Steve Flemming and his Soul City Social Club events stand out amongst the many?  What is unique and intriguing about these events that has people coming back for more?  Is it the fact that it's affordable? Yes and it's more than this.  Is it the positive, uplifting, inspiring feeling they get?  Yes and it's more than this.  How about the variety of events? yes and it's more than this.  So what has attracted people for over 9 years come to Steve's events?  I believe the answer has different variables. 
The first is Steve's attitude towards his group.  He wants everyone in his groups to be equal.  He is very careful not to use labels that can have certain influences and sway certain outcomes.  He also caters to the individual rather than the masses.  Steve is a man with a lot of passion towards waking up people for the better.  He believes in helping people to master the inner game in order to master the outer game.
Second, Steve has created events based on having a healthy mind, body and soul.  Events around the mind focuses on business such as attracting the right customers, how to create abundance and networking.  His events around the body deal with his sporting activities.  These range from hockey, ultimate frisbee, football, european handball, billiards and bowling.  His spiritual events deal with bringing in guest speakers, his own facilitations on having a better life and movie nights.  The next step after learning to have a healthy mind, body and soul is to put it into practice by creating a practicum.  Steve's social events such as his parties are the perfect opportunities to experience the newly developed you.  He also created improv acting events to learn character development so we can take on better perspectives and actions.  At the social events you will be able to co-create a great time with others because Steve has helped you to embrace the positives allowing you to build better perspectives taught at his other events on mind and soul.  Steve's physical events would give you the stamina and energy to dance all night to great music.  Steve's improv events helps to stay positively focused.  There is a saying to be part of the world but not of it.  Meaning, Toronto has great activities to offer and if we can be part of the positives and let go of the negatives, we can be great examples for others.  Steve does everything he can to support other people's missions in life through his variety of events.  Soul City Social Club is the only company in Toronto covering all the aspects of the healthy individual.
Third, Steve attracts people who naturally cares for each other.  Every person wants to see each other achieve success in their endeavors.  At the events people feel a natural calling to help that sometimes reaches down into the subconscious getting in touch with a part of themselves that were hidden.  It's a place of authenticity and revelation that can be finally freed from the pressures of society.  The events also hold a space of feeling safe and comforted.  To be the best you that you can be sometimes needs space, to feel safe and trust that it is ok.  This groups celebrates the diversity, cultural differences and backgrounds the people here have.  The people at these events come from appreciation, integrity, respect and honour.  Steve and his staff lead from this place suggesting and encouraging others to do the same.
In closing,  the three elements talked about which are Steve's attitude, the type of events and the people that attend the events are what makes Soul City Social Club unique and inviting. 

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Recap: Sunday Pool, Euchre & Family Feud! April 13, 2014

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and over 40 people decided to choose this event for some fun and connection.  The event started off with people playing pool and euchre.  Family feud was played about an hour into the event.  Steve and Chris did a great job hosting family feud where everyone had fun playing and it almost felt like being on the TV show. It was great to see familiar faces and great quality people.  Everyone was very welcoming and accepting which Steve has always seemed to attract.  There was a great mixture of people from different backgrounds and cultures with a common element, everyone wanted to have fun and get along. 

For more information on this event please go to

Chalkers Pub is great place to hold this event as it has a large space for playing euchre, good quality billiard tables, great food and drinks and a good space for family feud.  Steve does what he can to make the event a success and I believe guests can feel it.  Everyone is very appreciative these events are created to support, care and connect with each other. Steve and I want to thank Belle for taking some great pictures to post on meetup. 

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Recap: From Confusion to Clarity! (with Russell Scott) April 10, 2014

Who is Russell Scott?  Is he legendary, a star, an extraordinary gentleman?  He is a representation of the guru in all of us!  It's interesting how Russell's book is called "Awakening The Guru In You". His words were designed to wake us up to know who we really are.  The information was also designed to re-member what we already knew that's been stored on an unconscious level and needed to be made conscious.  He talked about what is perception and what is truth.  The perception was a packed house with 60 guests were waiting to hear some great and useful information.  The truth was, he delivered valuable content and the audience left feeling inspired, ignited and enthusiastic about exploring the magnificence of themselves.  Russell is one of the few that can entertain the crowd through singing, playing guitar and sharing great stories.  He took us on a ride using our imagination to learn how our perceptions can influence our reality.  The audience was engaged the whole night with questions, laughter and curiosity.   One of the great exercises was to focus on a chair we were sitting on and imagine a friend personally made it perfect for us, to a chair with unhealthy colours and lastly a chair sat on by one of the great guru's.  You might think of it as Steve was the friend that personally made the chair perfect for us or the event for us and knew exactly the right ingredients to make a successful night.  The unhealthy colours of the chair was our fear and confusion waiting for clarity to make our inner world a better place.  Third,the guru sitting in the chair was ourselves and Russell did a great job to remind us we can be our own inspiration. 

For more information on this event please go to

We often get trapped in a world of bought opinions, beliefs and ideas.  The price for this can sometimes be very steep.  Furthermore, to fit into a world where a dogmatic hierarchy exists can be often limiting to finding truth and developing spiritual growth.  Russell discovered that organically we can utilize an approach called Co-evolution.  A way in which we can spiritually evolve together through a democratic practice by authentically relating to each other.  It's process is to complete any past incompleted communication experiences in our mind. Through this Co-evolution practice we can find wholeness, inner peace and feel more alive. He began his self awakening journey of writing his book at a pyramid in Lamanai, Central America. 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Are A Shining Light and The World Is Ready For Your Greatness!

This letter is from Steve Flemming dedicated to people aged 14 to 21.  After reading this, I believe it can be applied to most of us who want to be more authentic and inspired.  I'm sure these words will have you remember the magnificence of you.

This is a letter is to anyone between the ages of 14 and 21.

 Such stressful times for you I’m sure and now its even exam time, I remember the feelings.

If you are sitting in class, walking the halls, walking home, sitting on the bench, or in your room feeling bored, confused, overwhelmed, trapped, uninspired, feeling restless and unheard; please trust your feelings are completely normal and acceptable under these circumstances.

You’ve been brought into a world that values things that are not always compatible with your deeper core. Deep down you may relate to a self that wants to be free, to laugh, to create, to play, to have fun, to write, to dance, to smile, to even cry. The stuff you are being asked to study, to read, to memorize doesn’t always make sense or even resonate with you. You are not alone with these feelings, as many feel the same way as you do. Trust that within you is a source far wiser that what your authorities might be suggesting about you. You are far wiser, smarter, and unique then many would or are willing to recognize in you. We don’t need you to be something you are not. The world needs your love, your joy, your humor, your creativity, your integrity, your leadership, your questions and your solutions.

This world may not even ask you for your opinion, but don’t let that stop you; start offering it to those that will offer you the greatest gift of all, their attention. As you step forward into this new space you will find you can keep stepping forward. Not with anger, that is not required, but merely a commitment to yourself that this spark within you, although may or may not be dim right now, will never go out. Over time that spark within will shine brighter and stronger, inspiring others to have their light shine as well.

Again you may or may not here these words from family, friends, teachers or your textbooks; if you do honour them, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Your impulse to live more fully, and have more freedom is all that matters. Start reading what you want to read, star writing what you want to write, start playing how you want to play, start laughing how you want to laugh, and start surrounding yourself with people you truly like. Question anything and everything you feel doesn’t make sense. And when you start that first Career Job, be a good listener, but also never forget that the world needs you to be YOU, even if they don’t ask or show any indication that they value who you are. For as long as you are truly committed to being YOU, this amazing Universe will look after you, even if you still feel alone, trust me, you’re not.

Steve Flemming 4/7/14

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recap: The Downtown Spring Bash! April 5, 2014

The party was a success at the Marquis Of Granby with Steve playing some great music.  It was a cold night in the streets of downtown Toronto, but, the space was heating up with the crowd having a lot of fun.  Looking at the pictures taken at this party guests were definitely putting their best foot forward.  The Marquis of Granby has a great second floor space for a dance party and a nice size bar in another room.  There were lots of places to sit and talk with fellow friends.  Steve's group took the entire space so everyone knew that it was a meetup crew giving a more comfortable and familiar atmosphere.  There was also a request board if anyone wanted to hear their favourite song.  The Marquis of Granby staff were very accommodating and served some great food and drinks.  Steve Flemming is a name people will want to know when it comes to great events!  For more information on this party please go to

The Marquis of Granby was a British soldier serving as Commander-In-Chief of the British troops.  He had a genuine humanitarian belief towards as old soldiers of his regiment as they were set up as publicans when they should have been relieved of their post. It's said there is more pubs named after The Marquis of Granby than any other person.  This pub/event was located at Church and Carlton.

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Recap: The Afternoon Entrepreneurs Club! (Keys to Success) April 4, 2014

Imagine a world filled with people coming together to support each other in a way that inspired and ignited your creativity and passion.  It may not be the world coming together, but, Steve created a space that in a way the world did come together for this purpose.  This event brought people from many different occupations and backgrounds joining and connecting to give ideas, opportunities, support and friendship to whatever challenges are on the forefront.  In the event participants talked about the benefits of a mastermind group.  People coming together to give ideas, opportunities support and friendship.  What Steve really created at this event was a mastermind group.  A more intimate mastermind group might be smaller, however, participants who attended got a feeling how a mastermind group would work.  It's an important component for many because when you think of wanting to connect and fit in, what better place to do this than a group filled with passionate, empowered, motivated people to keep you on track.  Also, everyone in this group wanted to help others and make this world a better place.  There is a saying that it takes one positive enlightened person to change a million lives.  Think of how many lives are changed with a group of positive people focused on a single goal regardless of the road, product or service taken.  To learn more about this event please go to


Topics covered:


What participants appreciated:


Grandchild                                            Peace

Freedom                                               Having survived a business disaster

Turning 56                                           Being at the event with great people

The snow is finally melting


Goals of participants:

Finding your purpose and passion               How to create brand awareness

Hole onto inspired beliefs                            Business evaluation

Clarity, Focus and Planning                        Creating referrals

Creating seminars                                        Forming a mastermind alliance                           

Advice for participants:


Follow your passion                                   Keep things simple

Be excited                                                  Look to serve clients

Everything is an opportunity                     Change mindset form security to opportunity

Come from an abundance mindset            Hire good quality mentors


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Recap: Follow Your Bliss! "The Road To Happiness" April 3, 2014

Remember when you were a kid and had a lot of fun doing your favourite hobby?  You spent hours and hours on it whether it be writing, singing, reading comic books, stamp collecting, photography, listening to music, swimming, painting, designing and puzzles.  You saw the beauty and creativity in one of these activities and you had no other cares in the world when you were doing your thing.  Do you wonder what ever happened to those happy times.  Did you run out of time, creating money interfered, family obligations interfered, guilt, lack of motivation, procrastination or maybe you judged the hobby as being bad and grew out of it.  If you had a magic wand and could go back to those times would you?  Perhaps you don't have to go back in time, but, can bring time forward to the present and find the hobbies you love again.  Steve created the event "Follow Your Bliss! "The Road To Happiness" to do just this.  Steve reminded us that the present is the best place to find our bliss.  Some of our hobbies may have changed to cooking, exercising, cosmetics, writing books, music or poetry and singing, however, it's only a choice away.  To open the door and seize the day means to follow your bliss and be in the flow.  Learn to get carried away with your passion by opening your heart and feeling more. What feels good to you and what hobby feels good to do.  Let go of the would/should/could and expectations of you and let your inner kid be heard again. To find out more on this event please go to
Topics at the event:
Appreciation of guests at event                           Family
Loving Relationships                                              Being at the event
Education                                                                Job
found lost phone                                                   Friends
Why did guest attend:
To find their bliss                                                     More clarity                          
Interact with like minded people                        Discover what makes people happy
What does it mean to follow your bliss:
Find what makes you happy and do it                It's a state of mind        
Be healthy                                                                Listen to your heart
Enjoying the moment                                            Seek out life's experiences
Live life on your own terms
Commitments of the group:
Watch a movie                                                       Write some of my book
Start a business                                                      Packing
Practice the piano                                                 Going to an event
Exercise                                                                  Practice martial arts
Getting an easel/art supplies


Recap: IMPROV in the PUB! (Skits & Sketch Comedy) March 30, 2014


The improv event was a blast as it started out with Steve leading an appreciation exercise.  After, I led everyone through some warm up exercises and really got their imagination ignited and inspired ready for Steve.  Steve and I are always appreciative when the guests step up to the challenge of going on stage and performing.  It didn't matter how much experience someone had, what mattered was a willingness to have fun and step a little out of the comfort zone.  In daily life we can get trapped into a routine and improv was a great way to practice something new and rewarding.  It was also done in a safe environment where everyone accepted and praised each other.  The desires of life is to co-create and at this event the guests went on a great journey fulfilling this.  There were 24 people in attendance and everyone was laughing and having a great time watching and participating.  Steve has a great gift of foresight in recognizing people's potential through any one of his different events.  Through Steve's events you can learn to walk in a positive, uplifting way through all aspects of life.  A major theme during the warm up exercises was to have everyone be a super hero.  We all can be this by being an example of greatness to others if you choose it.  Steve does what he can to guide you towards this and if you want to know more about this event please go to
Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Thanks to all the participants in today's group for sharing their valuable natural resources i.e. creative expression. Good laughs and great fun
For more information on future events please go to