Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recap: The Afternoon Entrepreneurs Club! (Keys to Success) April 4, 2014

Imagine a world filled with people coming together to support each other in a way that inspired and ignited your creativity and passion.  It may not be the world coming together, but, Steve created a space that in a way the world did come together for this purpose.  This event brought people from many different occupations and backgrounds joining and connecting to give ideas, opportunities, support and friendship to whatever challenges are on the forefront.  In the event participants talked about the benefits of a mastermind group.  People coming together to give ideas, opportunities support and friendship.  What Steve really created at this event was a mastermind group.  A more intimate mastermind group might be smaller, however, participants who attended got a feeling how a mastermind group would work.  It's an important component for many because when you think of wanting to connect and fit in, what better place to do this than a group filled with passionate, empowered, motivated people to keep you on track.  Also, everyone in this group wanted to help others and make this world a better place.  There is a saying that it takes one positive enlightened person to change a million lives.  Think of how many lives are changed with a group of positive people focused on a single goal regardless of the road, product or service taken.  To learn more about this event please go to


Topics covered:


What participants appreciated:


Grandchild                                            Peace

Freedom                                               Having survived a business disaster

Turning 56                                           Being at the event with great people

The snow is finally melting


Goals of participants:

Finding your purpose and passion               How to create brand awareness

Hole onto inspired beliefs                            Business evaluation

Clarity, Focus and Planning                        Creating referrals

Creating seminars                                        Forming a mastermind alliance                           

Advice for participants:


Follow your passion                                   Keep things simple

Be excited                                                  Look to serve clients

Everything is an opportunity                     Change mindset form security to opportunity

Come from an abundance mindset            Hire good quality mentors


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