Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recap: Follow Your Bliss! "The Road To Happiness" April 3, 2014

Remember when you were a kid and had a lot of fun doing your favourite hobby?  You spent hours and hours on it whether it be writing, singing, reading comic books, stamp collecting, photography, listening to music, swimming, painting, designing and puzzles.  You saw the beauty and creativity in one of these activities and you had no other cares in the world when you were doing your thing.  Do you wonder what ever happened to those happy times.  Did you run out of time, creating money interfered, family obligations interfered, guilt, lack of motivation, procrastination or maybe you judged the hobby as being bad and grew out of it.  If you had a magic wand and could go back to those times would you?  Perhaps you don't have to go back in time, but, can bring time forward to the present and find the hobbies you love again.  Steve created the event "Follow Your Bliss! "The Road To Happiness" to do just this.  Steve reminded us that the present is the best place to find our bliss.  Some of our hobbies may have changed to cooking, exercising, cosmetics, writing books, music or poetry and singing, however, it's only a choice away.  To open the door and seize the day means to follow your bliss and be in the flow.  Learn to get carried away with your passion by opening your heart and feeling more. What feels good to you and what hobby feels good to do.  Let go of the would/should/could and expectations of you and let your inner kid be heard again. To find out more on this event please go to
Topics at the event:
Appreciation of guests at event                           Family
Loving Relationships                                              Being at the event
Education                                                                Job
found lost phone                                                   Friends
Why did guest attend:
To find their bliss                                                     More clarity                          
Interact with like minded people                        Discover what makes people happy
What does it mean to follow your bliss:
Find what makes you happy and do it                It's a state of mind        
Be healthy                                                                Listen to your heart
Enjoying the moment                                            Seek out life's experiences
Live life on your own terms
Commitments of the group:
Watch a movie                                                       Write some of my book
Start a business                                                      Packing
Practice the piano                                                 Going to an event
Exercise                                                                  Practice martial arts
Getting an easel/art supplies


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