Saturday, February 22, 2014

Recap: Friday Night Games! Feb. 21, 2014

The event started off a little slow as at 7:30pm there were about 15 people in the room.  Then all of the sudden like magic, by 8:30pm there were almost 70 guests.  Everyone found a game and a group to create some great bonding moments.  Guests were able to choose from 35 different games and Steve Flemming found a game for everyone.  Steve is constantly looking for ways to improve the event whether it be finding a new and great game, making enough space to accommodate everyone and making sure everyone has people to play one of the amazing board games.  At 9pm Steve got the Family Feud game started.  Guests had to form teams of 6 and select a captain.  Every captain would proceed into a selection process to see what teams would be playing the next round of Family Feud.  This was always a huge hit with the crowd and Steve does a great job being host.  For more information on this event please go to
Chalkers Pub is a great place to hold this games night with a full menu, great drink selection list and great service.  Whether you drink alcohol or not there is a drink for everyone.  The space is conducive for Friday Night Games and is separated from the billiards area to keep it private.  Chalkers also has a parking lot or there is street parking. 
As for the games that is offered:
Pictionary, Taboo, Scrabble, Scategories, Family Feud, Poker, Chinese Checkers, Jenga, Chess, Checkers, Balderdash, Boogle, Yatzee, UNO, Cranium, Euchre, Backgammon, Name 5, Monopoly and plenty more...
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & Networking!

Professional Development & Networking!
Last night's event was an intimate group where guests could share insights, issues and inspirations.  The guests that came were either working for someone, have their own business or were in transition.  Regardless of which category each person was in, there was common ground to help each other learn and grow.  Steve Flemming gave practical and meaningful content and guidance.  He also facilitated a great group discussion for everyone to ponder and educate themselves.  Many left with some valuable ideas to incorporate in their lives.  For more information about the event please go to
Things Discussed At Professional Development & Networking!
What People Appreciate
-Meetup groups to develop connections, Health and Energy, Supportive Family, Friends, Job, Freedom, Education, Talent/Gifts, Music, Energy of group, Getting clarity for people in transitions
Ideas For People In Transition
Talk to people/network                      Stay on course/journey                     What are you greatful for
Visualize where you want to be         Look in the mirror and smile            Explore new ideas/concepts
Read helpful books                            Toastmasters                                     Watch Ted Talks videos
Find useful websites                          Commit to personal development
Goals Of Working
To leave a legacy                               Help People                                      Become Successful
To be happy                                       To learn
Inspirations For The Group
Learn to be customer centered rather than self centered           Know your skills and values
Focus on what you want                                                            Find the rhythm of work
Don't over think                                                                         Celebrate Success
Happiness is practice                                                                 Be greatful
Go outside everyday                                                                  You are always in the perfect place
Be open and don't put yourself in a box
Take a risk and trust in the process
Become aware of your strengths and interests
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recap: Social Night 4 Singles! Feb. 18, 2014

Social Night 4 Singles!
Steve Flemming felt the creative and inspirational side flowing when he created this event.  Connecting with people can be a difficult process when time plays a factor in a day to day lifestyle.  When conflicting schedules arise, personal or business matters to attend to, being swept away by emergencies and a number of other matters to deal with, how do you find the time for connection.  This is where Social Night 4 Singles played an important role for people.  The event provided a little escape for the guests that attended from their busy and hectic lives.  Whether they found intimacy or not wasn't the intention for the night.  The intention was to find and be with new or old friends and this is what happened.  It was also a gift to have people from different backgrounds and different cultures come together.  There was a great deal we learned from each other and saw a bigger glimpse of the world.  For more information on this event please go to
A strong idea Steve Flemming values is his connection with Toronto.  Toronto is one of the biggest cities that believes in and shows multi-culturalism.  We have in our city almost every religion, culture and ethnicity represented here.  The issue is that Toronto is wide spread and you might have to travel distances to experience the different cultural areas.  At Steve's events we can experience many of this multi-cultural city by the guests that attend.  At these events you will find friendly, compassionate people wanting to connect with each other.
We had just gone through Valentine's Day a few days ago and a great gift idea for anyone to experience is the gift of you!  Do you really want to hold back from experiencing something that can change your life and someone else's life.  Maybe you carry the missing piece to someone's puzzle or vice versa.  Only you have the power to decide and to connect with others can be a great decision.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recap: Bowling with Toronto Friends! (Pizza & Pop Included) Feb.16, 2014



Bowling With Toronto Friends!

If you are looking for a fun atmosphere where everyone is friendly than bowling was the place to be.  The event was another success with friends coming together in a non competitive environment.  The 10 pin bowling abilities ranged from beginners to more advanced playing.  One of the greatest things about coming out for bowling was everyone cheered each other on.  When someone got a spare or strike everyone celebrated.  When someone got a gutter ball everyone showed support and encouragement.  Guests would even coach each other how to improve on your next turn.  Throughout the event there were a lot of laughs and fun that was shared with each other.  Halfway into the event pizza and drinks were served to satisfy your appetite and give energy for more bowling to follow.  Whether you are an introvert or extravert Steve Flemming created an environment that brightened and connected people together. For more information on this event please go to
Bowling can be dated back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.  Remnants of bowls used at the time were discovered. Balls were made of husks of corn, covered with leather and string or they were made from porcelain.  The Roman Empire used stones and would try to get it close to other stones, a primitive form of outdoor bowling.  The first standardized rules for pin bowling was established in New York on September 9, 1895.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recap: The Uptown Loft Valentines Party! Feb. 15, 2014

A Night Of Connections
Valentines day was always considered to be a time or rekindling old or new connections in a persons life.  This being said the night started with people coming in from out of the cold.  Last night was so cold you could almost see the bills coming out of the wallets very crisp, not because the bills were new, but because the bills turned frozen.  Eyeglasses were fogged and most people needed a moment to warm up before registering.  However, the weather didn't stop people and before I knew it, we had 215 people at the event.  Once the guests warmed up, the ice breaker game started and it became a hit with everyone.  Many people were asking where they could get an ice breaker sheet and connections started to build.  After the ice breaker game the night proceeded to the dance floor listening and dancing to great music being played all night long by Steve Flemming.  If you wanted to hear a song there was a white board that became filled with requests.  More connections were escalating and off the dance floor guests were able to enjoy a free valentines cupcake and a drink from the bar together.  As the hours went by the energy became friendlier and laughter, joy and fun was felt by everyone.  Some were even able to find intimacy and romance giving hope to others and a glimpse of a possible positive future.  Steve Flemming was a DJ and organizer like no other.  His commitment, song selection and caring nature created an inviting and playful energy that was appreciated. It was a night where friends made friends, friends became better friends and friends became lovers. 
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A Brief History Of Valentines Day
One story about Valentines Day is that it started with a man Saint Valentine.  This man embodied the idea of freedom and free choice.  He would go against Roman Law and marry soldiers that weren't allowed to be married and ministering  to Christians who were being persecuted under the Roman Empire.  He was also said to have healing powers, he healed the daughter of his jailer. Before his execution due to going against the law, he wrote a letter to this daughter and signed it "Your Valentine".  This story shows that sometimes we need to break conforming with others for what is right. Also Valentines Day is a celebration to uphold listening to our heart rather than our head.
A Final Note
Whether you are single or in a relationship.  Steve Flemming has something for everyone.  He continuously provides different kinds of events to inspire, ignite, improve and install new beliefs, new friendships, new perspectives, new moments and new experiences.  He is an example of someone leading from their heart and last night showed just how much he values his guests.
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Recap: FINDING LOVE: Having It All! Seriously, Am I Being Too Picky? Feb. 13, 2014


FINDING LOVE: Having It All! Seriously, Am I Being Too Picky?
Yesturdays event was a heart felt, thought provoking, interactive discussion by guest inspirational speaker Lesley Edwards.  She created an energy presence where guests felt safe to explore their relationship issues and find solutions to heal them.  Lesley is truly gifted with her expertise on dating and relationships giving a lot of useful and practical content.  Her stories were all based on personal experience and the audience appreciated her ability to open up and take the risk.  The ideas discussed were what does it mean to be picky, what does it mean to be settling, the top 5 wants from a potential partner and words of wisdom.  Steve Flemming made a smart decision bringing Lesley Edwards to be a guest inspirational speaker and from the sound of the applause at the end, the audience was greatful. For more information about the event please go to
Lesley Edwards is a relationship & dating coach committed to empowering & enabling people to create the relationship they've always wanted, with vivid clarity, new found confidence & gender intelligence. Influenced by many love experts, Lesley originally trained with Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus author, John Gray. Lesley’s mission is that dating is fun & easy, and relationships work instead of being work.
The questions asked to the audience:
Am I asking for or expecting too much?
Does he or she really exist?
Is the relationship I really want still possible for me?
Why isn't dating turning into the relationship I'm looking for?
Is having Hope actually Stopping you?
What could be preventing you from finding love?
Connecting with other great singles

What is being too picky:
When you don’t give people a chance, judging physical features like hands are too big, judging a persons clothes, too short, not attracted to person at first, waste of time, dating is work, having a big laundry list,  I’ll just know/chance and not do the research, throwing away opportunities because no fireworks/sparks,
What is Settling
Taking it as it comes, ending up with wrong person
Top 5 wants (Everyone's list is different)
Committed to making a difference, Great kisser, Someone who is madly in love with, Holds person as top priority, supportive, great, kind with everyone, non smoker, show up in the relationship
Words of Wisdom
You don’t know the person until you get to know the person, being in love is different than loving someone, be with someone who is willing to do the work, don’t willing to sell out, enjoy the process, Be open to change, you are the common denominator of your relationships, negative thoughts about past relationships stop us from entering new ones, exactly what we need to experience at a particular point in life, every relationship is perfect, you need failure to move you forward so a course correct can be created if necessary, it's more productive to have a strong want than hope (the stronger the intention the more energy to create it) and hold strong to your desires, secret to getting out of your own way-just do it, be real and take a risk
What is hope
Belief in something better to come, seeing a future, optimism, good intentions, something will happen without a lot of work, to want something to happen or be true and to think something could happen or be true,
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Recap of Family Feud, Party Games & Pool! Feb. 9, 2014

Family Feud, Party Games & Pool!
According to the guests that arrived at the event yesterday it was tricky to drive through the roads and attend.  There was snow falling and sleet on the roads making driving more slippery and slower than normal.  However, Steve Flemming (the organizer) believed that people would  arrive and have a great time.  Once again Steve pulled it off and Chalkers was buzzing with people playing billiards and playing board games.  The event went smoothly with laughter and friendliness.
The day started off with guests playing billiards.  The people that Steve draws are very friendly and so there was no difficulty finding people to play a game with.  When assistance was needed to find a table or friends to play a game with, Steve and I were always able to find a place.  I looked to see every once in awhile if the tables we put people at were having fun and it looked that way.  For those who didn't want to play billiards, we had many different kinds of board games and it looked like people were having fun as well.  Later on in the event Steve brought out the family feud game and laughter was heard throughout Chalkers.  We managed to play 3 rounds of family feud.
This event is a great way to spend a cold winters day inside with familiar or new friends.  It's done in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed.  The food at Chalkers is great with a full menu and many kinds of alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.  The event finished at 5PM and looking at the ratings at  everyone had a great time!
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recap Afternoon Entrepreneurs Club (Keys To Success) Friday Feb. 7, 2014

Entrepreneurs Club
Whether you are looking for a first time career, in transition or a second chance at a career this event was not to be missed.  Steve Flemming facilitated another event that inspired and got people to think about what matters.  He helped us engage in how to create abundance and let go of thoughts like "I don't have what it takes" or "I am lost when it comes to looking for work/customers".  If you would like to visit the event page please go to

At this event we got to meet people who were writers/authors, in the health and wellness industry, product distributors, network marketers, a personal assistant, someone from the science field and many who were embracing the law of attraction.  Everyone at this event was looking for support and ideas to help them further along their journey. They asked questions on understanding the best ways to maximize and utilize social media, marketing, advertising, finance and the law of attraction.

The event started with everyone being able to share their offerings popcorn style.  It gave a chance for everyone else to listen and possibly get enticed to inquire further.  One person's service was so enticing that the owner of the establishment took notice and inquired after the meeting.  It's a great way to build connections.

Suggestions that were discussed for people searching to find work/customers:
Finding a niche and getting clarity, expanding market, creating new opportunities, get things done, prioritize, read books, deligate,  discover  your resources and utilize them, what is your brand,  contact affiliates, lunch and learns, networking , importing/exporting,  discover your passion by looking into the details of what you like, look for a head hunter, volunteer different places, career tests, groups/associations,

Dreams of the people in the group
Writer (research and write), 100 restaurants with a unique twist,  ministry, health and wellness for the masses, product distribution expansion, sponsor and change people for the better, give opportunities to travel who can’t afford it, volunteer in third world countries, find cures, help others get what they want

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Recap: Enjoy Life Now!(The Path to Peace, Joy and Happiness)

Enjoy Life Now!
Steve Flemming facilitated a well organized event that left the audience feeling refreshed, inspired and filled with laughter.  By the end of the seminar people left with a greater sense of purpose, confidence and inner guidance.  We explored new ideas and insights around living the life we want to live.

Appreciation to be in Canada
Peace, health care, four seasons, grandparents live here, spiritual growth opportunities, multicultural, sense of security, water, freedom

What are some challenges that get in the way of a happy life
unhealthy emotions, negative self talk, loss or grief, betrayal, over bearing people, fast paced life, too busy, not having tools to overcome negatives, stess, not having a job, dwelling on past, not being present, isolation/loneliness

What makes you happy/feel Joy/feel good
Long drives, rock climbing, photography, dancing, travelling, antique dresses, being in nature, scuba diving, laughing (comedies), self help, biking, meditation, salsa dancing, walking dog, service to others, painting, group discussions about challenges/issues, star gazing, yoga, graphic design, learning new things, team exercises, cooking, spending time with family, movies,

Steps to achieving your dream
Visualize, join a group/association, find people at the destination, create an action, plan,  a good team, do your research, write down advantages/disadvantages, mentor/teacher/partner for support, go into desired industry for learning, talk to an expert,

Advise for someone who wants to travel to another country
Do your homework, be flexible, learn the place and etiquette,

To find inner peace/contentment/be grounded
Pay attention in the moment, meditation, pray, letting go, have a good perspective, understand people better and why they do what they do, visualize a ball of light helping you, write a letter to yourself, observe our Ego’s and stop being hard on ourselves,

Dreams of Today
Inspirational speaker for nutrition, Oprah/Dr. Oz, live in Australia, having a condo in Hawaii, achieving bigger business

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