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Recap: FINDING LOVE: Having It All! Seriously, Am I Being Too Picky? Feb. 13, 2014


FINDING LOVE: Having It All! Seriously, Am I Being Too Picky?
Yesturdays event was a heart felt, thought provoking, interactive discussion by guest inspirational speaker Lesley Edwards.  She created an energy presence where guests felt safe to explore their relationship issues and find solutions to heal them.  Lesley is truly gifted with her expertise on dating and relationships giving a lot of useful and practical content.  Her stories were all based on personal experience and the audience appreciated her ability to open up and take the risk.  The ideas discussed were what does it mean to be picky, what does it mean to be settling, the top 5 wants from a potential partner and words of wisdom.  Steve Flemming made a smart decision bringing Lesley Edwards to be a guest inspirational speaker and from the sound of the applause at the end, the audience was greatful. For more information about the event please go to
Lesley Edwards is a relationship & dating coach committed to empowering & enabling people to create the relationship they've always wanted, with vivid clarity, new found confidence & gender intelligence. Influenced by many love experts, Lesley originally trained with Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus author, John Gray. Lesley’s mission is that dating is fun & easy, and relationships work instead of being work.
The questions asked to the audience:
Am I asking for or expecting too much?
Does he or she really exist?
Is the relationship I really want still possible for me?
Why isn't dating turning into the relationship I'm looking for?
Is having Hope actually Stopping you?
What could be preventing you from finding love?
Connecting with other great singles

What is being too picky:
When you don’t give people a chance, judging physical features like hands are too big, judging a persons clothes, too short, not attracted to person at first, waste of time, dating is work, having a big laundry list,  I’ll just know/chance and not do the research, throwing away opportunities because no fireworks/sparks,
What is Settling
Taking it as it comes, ending up with wrong person
Top 5 wants (Everyone's list is different)
Committed to making a difference, Great kisser, Someone who is madly in love with, Holds person as top priority, supportive, great, kind with everyone, non smoker, show up in the relationship
Words of Wisdom
You don’t know the person until you get to know the person, being in love is different than loving someone, be with someone who is willing to do the work, don’t willing to sell out, enjoy the process, Be open to change, you are the common denominator of your relationships, negative thoughts about past relationships stop us from entering new ones, exactly what we need to experience at a particular point in life, every relationship is perfect, you need failure to move you forward so a course correct can be created if necessary, it's more productive to have a strong want than hope (the stronger the intention the more energy to create it) and hold strong to your desires, secret to getting out of your own way-just do it, be real and take a risk
What is hope
Belief in something better to come, seeing a future, optimism, good intentions, something will happen without a lot of work, to want something to happen or be true and to think something could happen or be true,
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