Monday, February 10, 2014

Recap of Family Feud, Party Games & Pool! Feb. 9, 2014

Family Feud, Party Games & Pool!
According to the guests that arrived at the event yesterday it was tricky to drive through the roads and attend.  There was snow falling and sleet on the roads making driving more slippery and slower than normal.  However, Steve Flemming (the organizer) believed that people would  arrive and have a great time.  Once again Steve pulled it off and Chalkers was buzzing with people playing billiards and playing board games.  The event went smoothly with laughter and friendliness.
The day started off with guests playing billiards.  The people that Steve draws are very friendly and so there was no difficulty finding people to play a game with.  When assistance was needed to find a table or friends to play a game with, Steve and I were always able to find a place.  I looked to see every once in awhile if the tables we put people at were having fun and it looked that way.  For those who didn't want to play billiards, we had many different kinds of board games and it looked like people were having fun as well.  Later on in the event Steve brought out the family feud game and laughter was heard throughout Chalkers.  We managed to play 3 rounds of family feud.
This event is a great way to spend a cold winters day inside with familiar or new friends.  It's done in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed.  The food at Chalkers is great with a full menu and many kinds of alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.  The event finished at 5PM and looking at the ratings at  everyone had a great time!
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