Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recap Afternoon Entrepreneurs Club (Keys To Success) Friday Feb. 7, 2014

Entrepreneurs Club
Whether you are looking for a first time career, in transition or a second chance at a career this event was not to be missed.  Steve Flemming facilitated another event that inspired and got people to think about what matters.  He helped us engage in how to create abundance and let go of thoughts like "I don't have what it takes" or "I am lost when it comes to looking for work/customers".  If you would like to visit the event page please go to

At this event we got to meet people who were writers/authors, in the health and wellness industry, product distributors, network marketers, a personal assistant, someone from the science field and many who were embracing the law of attraction.  Everyone at this event was looking for support and ideas to help them further along their journey. They asked questions on understanding the best ways to maximize and utilize social media, marketing, advertising, finance and the law of attraction.

The event started with everyone being able to share their offerings popcorn style.  It gave a chance for everyone else to listen and possibly get enticed to inquire further.  One person's service was so enticing that the owner of the establishment took notice and inquired after the meeting.  It's a great way to build connections.

Suggestions that were discussed for people searching to find work/customers:
Finding a niche and getting clarity, expanding market, creating new opportunities, get things done, prioritize, read books, deligate,  discover  your resources and utilize them, what is your brand,  contact affiliates, lunch and learns, networking , importing/exporting,  discover your passion by looking into the details of what you like, look for a head hunter, volunteer different places, career tests, groups/associations,

Dreams of the people in the group
Writer (research and write), 100 restaurants with a unique twist,  ministry, health and wellness for the masses, product distribution expansion, sponsor and change people for the better, give opportunities to travel who can’t afford it, volunteer in third world countries, find cures, help others get what they want

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