Friday, February 7, 2014

Recap: Enjoy Life Now!(The Path to Peace, Joy and Happiness)

Enjoy Life Now!
Steve Flemming facilitated a well organized event that left the audience feeling refreshed, inspired and filled with laughter.  By the end of the seminar people left with a greater sense of purpose, confidence and inner guidance.  We explored new ideas and insights around living the life we want to live.

Appreciation to be in Canada
Peace, health care, four seasons, grandparents live here, spiritual growth opportunities, multicultural, sense of security, water, freedom

What are some challenges that get in the way of a happy life
unhealthy emotions, negative self talk, loss or grief, betrayal, over bearing people, fast paced life, too busy, not having tools to overcome negatives, stess, not having a job, dwelling on past, not being present, isolation/loneliness

What makes you happy/feel Joy/feel good
Long drives, rock climbing, photography, dancing, travelling, antique dresses, being in nature, scuba diving, laughing (comedies), self help, biking, meditation, salsa dancing, walking dog, service to others, painting, group discussions about challenges/issues, star gazing, yoga, graphic design, learning new things, team exercises, cooking, spending time with family, movies,

Steps to achieving your dream
Visualize, join a group/association, find people at the destination, create an action, plan,  a good team, do your research, write down advantages/disadvantages, mentor/teacher/partner for support, go into desired industry for learning, talk to an expert,

Advise for someone who wants to travel to another country
Do your homework, be flexible, learn the place and etiquette,

To find inner peace/contentment/be grounded
Pay attention in the moment, meditation, pray, letting go, have a good perspective, understand people better and why they do what they do, visualize a ball of light helping you, write a letter to yourself, observe our Ego’s and stop being hard on ourselves,

Dreams of Today
Inspirational speaker for nutrition, Oprah/Dr. Oz, live in Australia, having a condo in Hawaii, achieving bigger business

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