Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recap: The Uptown Loft Valentines Party! Feb. 15, 2014

A Night Of Connections
Valentines day was always considered to be a time or rekindling old or new connections in a persons life.  This being said the night started with people coming in from out of the cold.  Last night was so cold you could almost see the bills coming out of the wallets very crisp, not because the bills were new, but because the bills turned frozen.  Eyeglasses were fogged and most people needed a moment to warm up before registering.  However, the weather didn't stop people and before I knew it, we had 215 people at the event.  Once the guests warmed up, the ice breaker game started and it became a hit with everyone.  Many people were asking where they could get an ice breaker sheet and connections started to build.  After the ice breaker game the night proceeded to the dance floor listening and dancing to great music being played all night long by Steve Flemming.  If you wanted to hear a song there was a white board that became filled with requests.  More connections were escalating and off the dance floor guests were able to enjoy a free valentines cupcake and a drink from the bar together.  As the hours went by the energy became friendlier and laughter, joy and fun was felt by everyone.  Some were even able to find intimacy and romance giving hope to others and a glimpse of a possible positive future.  Steve Flemming was a DJ and organizer like no other.  His commitment, song selection and caring nature created an inviting and playful energy that was appreciated. It was a night where friends made friends, friends became better friends and friends became lovers. 
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A Brief History Of Valentines Day
One story about Valentines Day is that it started with a man Saint Valentine.  This man embodied the idea of freedom and free choice.  He would go against Roman Law and marry soldiers that weren't allowed to be married and ministering  to Christians who were being persecuted under the Roman Empire.  He was also said to have healing powers, he healed the daughter of his jailer. Before his execution due to going against the law, he wrote a letter to this daughter and signed it "Your Valentine".  This story shows that sometimes we need to break conforming with others for what is right. Also Valentines Day is a celebration to uphold listening to our heart rather than our head.
A Final Note
Whether you are single or in a relationship.  Steve Flemming has something for everyone.  He continuously provides different kinds of events to inspire, ignite, improve and install new beliefs, new friendships, new perspectives, new moments and new experiences.  He is an example of someone leading from their heart and last night showed just how much he values his guests.
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