Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recap: Social Night 4 Singles! Feb. 18, 2014

Social Night 4 Singles!
Steve Flemming felt the creative and inspirational side flowing when he created this event.  Connecting with people can be a difficult process when time plays a factor in a day to day lifestyle.  When conflicting schedules arise, personal or business matters to attend to, being swept away by emergencies and a number of other matters to deal with, how do you find the time for connection.  This is where Social Night 4 Singles played an important role for people.  The event provided a little escape for the guests that attended from their busy and hectic lives.  Whether they found intimacy or not wasn't the intention for the night.  The intention was to find and be with new or old friends and this is what happened.  It was also a gift to have people from different backgrounds and different cultures come together.  There was a great deal we learned from each other and saw a bigger glimpse of the world.  For more information on this event please go to
A strong idea Steve Flemming values is his connection with Toronto.  Toronto is one of the biggest cities that believes in and shows multi-culturalism.  We have in our city almost every religion, culture and ethnicity represented here.  The issue is that Toronto is wide spread and you might have to travel distances to experience the different cultural areas.  At Steve's events we can experience many of this multi-cultural city by the guests that attend.  At these events you will find friendly, compassionate people wanting to connect with each other.
We had just gone through Valentine's Day a few days ago and a great gift idea for anyone to experience is the gift of you!  Do you really want to hold back from experiencing something that can change your life and someone else's life.  Maybe you carry the missing piece to someone's puzzle or vice versa.  Only you have the power to decide and to connect with others can be a great decision.
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