Friday, February 21, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & Networking!

Professional Development & Networking!
Last night's event was an intimate group where guests could share insights, issues and inspirations.  The guests that came were either working for someone, have their own business or were in transition.  Regardless of which category each person was in, there was common ground to help each other learn and grow.  Steve Flemming gave practical and meaningful content and guidance.  He also facilitated a great group discussion for everyone to ponder and educate themselves.  Many left with some valuable ideas to incorporate in their lives.  For more information about the event please go to
Things Discussed At Professional Development & Networking!
What People Appreciate
-Meetup groups to develop connections, Health and Energy, Supportive Family, Friends, Job, Freedom, Education, Talent/Gifts, Music, Energy of group, Getting clarity for people in transitions
Ideas For People In Transition
Talk to people/network                      Stay on course/journey                     What are you greatful for
Visualize where you want to be         Look in the mirror and smile            Explore new ideas/concepts
Read helpful books                            Toastmasters                                     Watch Ted Talks videos
Find useful websites                          Commit to personal development
Goals Of Working
To leave a legacy                               Help People                                      Become Successful
To be happy                                       To learn
Inspirations For The Group
Learn to be customer centered rather than self centered           Know your skills and values
Focus on what you want                                                            Find the rhythm of work
Don't over think                                                                         Celebrate Success
Happiness is practice                                                                 Be greatful
Go outside everyday                                                                  You are always in the perfect place
Be open and don't put yourself in a box
Take a risk and trust in the process
Become aware of your strengths and interests
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