Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recap: The Downtown Spring Bash! April 5, 2014

The party was a success at the Marquis Of Granby with Steve playing some great music.  It was a cold night in the streets of downtown Toronto, but, the space was heating up with the crowd having a lot of fun.  Looking at the pictures taken at this party guests were definitely putting their best foot forward.  The Marquis of Granby has a great second floor space for a dance party and a nice size bar in another room.  There were lots of places to sit and talk with fellow friends.  Steve's group took the entire space so everyone knew that it was a meetup crew giving a more comfortable and familiar atmosphere.  There was also a request board if anyone wanted to hear their favourite song.  The Marquis of Granby staff were very accommodating and served some great food and drinks.  Steve Flemming is a name people will want to know when it comes to great events!  For more information on this party please go to

The Marquis of Granby was a British soldier serving as Commander-In-Chief of the British troops.  He had a genuine humanitarian belief towards as old soldiers of his regiment as they were set up as publicans when they should have been relieved of their post. It's said there is more pubs named after The Marquis of Granby than any other person.  This pub/event was located at Church and Carlton.

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