Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Are A Shining Light and The World Is Ready For Your Greatness!

This letter is from Steve Flemming dedicated to people aged 14 to 21.  After reading this, I believe it can be applied to most of us who want to be more authentic and inspired.  I'm sure these words will have you remember the magnificence of you.

This is a letter is to anyone between the ages of 14 and 21.

 Such stressful times for you I’m sure and now its even exam time, I remember the feelings.

If you are sitting in class, walking the halls, walking home, sitting on the bench, or in your room feeling bored, confused, overwhelmed, trapped, uninspired, feeling restless and unheard; please trust your feelings are completely normal and acceptable under these circumstances.

You’ve been brought into a world that values things that are not always compatible with your deeper core. Deep down you may relate to a self that wants to be free, to laugh, to create, to play, to have fun, to write, to dance, to smile, to even cry. The stuff you are being asked to study, to read, to memorize doesn’t always make sense or even resonate with you. You are not alone with these feelings, as many feel the same way as you do. Trust that within you is a source far wiser that what your authorities might be suggesting about you. You are far wiser, smarter, and unique then many would or are willing to recognize in you. We don’t need you to be something you are not. The world needs your love, your joy, your humor, your creativity, your integrity, your leadership, your questions and your solutions.

This world may not even ask you for your opinion, but don’t let that stop you; start offering it to those that will offer you the greatest gift of all, their attention. As you step forward into this new space you will find you can keep stepping forward. Not with anger, that is not required, but merely a commitment to yourself that this spark within you, although may or may not be dim right now, will never go out. Over time that spark within will shine brighter and stronger, inspiring others to have their light shine as well.

Again you may or may not here these words from family, friends, teachers or your textbooks; if you do honour them, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Your impulse to live more fully, and have more freedom is all that matters. Start reading what you want to read, star writing what you want to write, start playing how you want to play, start laughing how you want to laugh, and start surrounding yourself with people you truly like. Question anything and everything you feel doesn’t make sense. And when you start that first Career Job, be a good listener, but also never forget that the world needs you to be YOU, even if they don’t ask or show any indication that they value who you are. For as long as you are truly committed to being YOU, this amazing Universe will look after you, even if you still feel alone, trust me, you’re not.

Steve Flemming 4/7/14

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