Friday, April 11, 2014

Recap: From Confusion to Clarity! (with Russell Scott) April 10, 2014

Who is Russell Scott?  Is he legendary, a star, an extraordinary gentleman?  He is a representation of the guru in all of us!  It's interesting how Russell's book is called "Awakening The Guru In You". His words were designed to wake us up to know who we really are.  The information was also designed to re-member what we already knew that's been stored on an unconscious level and needed to be made conscious.  He talked about what is perception and what is truth.  The perception was a packed house with 60 guests were waiting to hear some great and useful information.  The truth was, he delivered valuable content and the audience left feeling inspired, ignited and enthusiastic about exploring the magnificence of themselves.  Russell is one of the few that can entertain the crowd through singing, playing guitar and sharing great stories.  He took us on a ride using our imagination to learn how our perceptions can influence our reality.  The audience was engaged the whole night with questions, laughter and curiosity.   One of the great exercises was to focus on a chair we were sitting on and imagine a friend personally made it perfect for us, to a chair with unhealthy colours and lastly a chair sat on by one of the great guru's.  You might think of it as Steve was the friend that personally made the chair perfect for us or the event for us and knew exactly the right ingredients to make a successful night.  The unhealthy colours of the chair was our fear and confusion waiting for clarity to make our inner world a better place.  Third,the guru sitting in the chair was ourselves and Russell did a great job to remind us we can be our own inspiration. 

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We often get trapped in a world of bought opinions, beliefs and ideas.  The price for this can sometimes be very steep.  Furthermore, to fit into a world where a dogmatic hierarchy exists can be often limiting to finding truth and developing spiritual growth.  Russell discovered that organically we can utilize an approach called Co-evolution.  A way in which we can spiritually evolve together through a democratic practice by authentically relating to each other.  It's process is to complete any past incompleted communication experiences in our mind. Through this Co-evolution practice we can find wholeness, inner peace and feel more alive. He began his self awakening journey of writing his book at a pyramid in Lamanai, Central America. 

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