Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap: Sunday Pool, Euchre & Family Feud! April 13, 2014

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and over 40 people decided to choose this event for some fun and connection.  The event started off with people playing pool and euchre.  Family feud was played about an hour into the event.  Steve and Chris did a great job hosting family feud where everyone had fun playing and it almost felt like being on the TV show. It was great to see familiar faces and great quality people.  Everyone was very welcoming and accepting which Steve has always seemed to attract.  There was a great mixture of people from different backgrounds and cultures with a common element, everyone wanted to have fun and get along. 

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Chalkers Pub is great place to hold this event as it has a large space for playing euchre, good quality billiard tables, great food and drinks and a good space for family feud.  Steve does what he can to make the event a success and I believe guests can feel it.  Everyone is very appreciative these events are created to support, care and connect with each other. Steve and I want to thank Belle for taking some great pictures to post on meetup. 

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