Monday, April 14, 2014

What Soul City Social Club Events Are About!

Today, Toronto is filled with different events on all sorts of topics.  So what makes Steve Flemming and his Soul City Social Club events stand out amongst the many?  What is unique and intriguing about these events that has people coming back for more?  Is it the fact that it's affordable? Yes and it's more than this.  Is it the positive, uplifting, inspiring feeling they get?  Yes and it's more than this.  How about the variety of events? yes and it's more than this.  So what has attracted people for over 9 years come to Steve's events?  I believe the answer has different variables. 
The first is Steve's attitude towards his group.  He wants everyone in his groups to be equal.  He is very careful not to use labels that can have certain influences and sway certain outcomes.  He also caters to the individual rather than the masses.  Steve is a man with a lot of passion towards waking up people for the better.  He believes in helping people to master the inner game in order to master the outer game.
Second, Steve has created events based on having a healthy mind, body and soul.  Events around the mind focuses on business such as attracting the right customers, how to create abundance and networking.  His events around the body deal with his sporting activities.  These range from hockey, ultimate frisbee, football, european handball, billiards and bowling.  His spiritual events deal with bringing in guest speakers, his own facilitations on having a better life and movie nights.  The next step after learning to have a healthy mind, body and soul is to put it into practice by creating a practicum.  Steve's social events such as his parties are the perfect opportunities to experience the newly developed you.  He also created improv acting events to learn character development so we can take on better perspectives and actions.  At the social events you will be able to co-create a great time with others because Steve has helped you to embrace the positives allowing you to build better perspectives taught at his other events on mind and soul.  Steve's physical events would give you the stamina and energy to dance all night to great music.  Steve's improv events helps to stay positively focused.  There is a saying to be part of the world but not of it.  Meaning, Toronto has great activities to offer and if we can be part of the positives and let go of the negatives, we can be great examples for others.  Steve does everything he can to support other people's missions in life through his variety of events.  Soul City Social Club is the only company in Toronto covering all the aspects of the healthy individual.
Third, Steve attracts people who naturally cares for each other.  Every person wants to see each other achieve success in their endeavors.  At the events people feel a natural calling to help that sometimes reaches down into the subconscious getting in touch with a part of themselves that were hidden.  It's a place of authenticity and revelation that can be finally freed from the pressures of society.  The events also hold a space of feeling safe and comforted.  To be the best you that you can be sometimes needs space, to feel safe and trust that it is ok.  This groups celebrates the diversity, cultural differences and backgrounds the people here have.  The people at these events come from appreciation, integrity, respect and honour.  Steve and his staff lead from this place suggesting and encouraging others to do the same.
In closing,  the three elements talked about which are Steve's attitude, the type of events and the people that attend the events are what makes Soul City Social Club unique and inviting. 

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