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Recap: Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction (Safrina Kadri & Shiraz Baboo) April 17, 2014

From the smallest atom to the greatest reaches in the galaxy everything is made up of energy.  People throughout history have been on a quest to attract energy as it is our form of electricity.  We have created all sorts of products from liquids (energy drinks, coffee etc.) to machines, procedures, rituals and a number of other devices to have more energy.  Safrina and Shiraz did a great job at showing the importance of our energy.  Safrina taught us the importance of outer positive or negative energies where we live, work and play or socialize.  Shiraz taught us the importance of our inner energy and where we vibrate.  If we want to attract a better life it's important to tune in, tap in and turn on that frequency in us to attract our desires.  No matter who you are, how much money you have, how driven and passionate you are, we all need to recharge our energy by sleeping.  We are essentially a rechargeable battery and it's important what type of energy we encounter and bring into our bodies.
Steve had great foresight when he brought these two dynamic presenters together and this is why Steve always has maintained great success with his events.

Topics Covered:
What The Audience Appreciates:
Health                          Happiness                             Husband
Independence              Family                                   Being at this event
Sunshine                      The internet                           Wife
Sister's getting married                                              Synchronicity
Great Friends

Shafira and Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the energy outside of our body where we live, work and play or socialize.  Every space can either support you in health, wealth and relationships or block it.  It's an ancient form of science originated in China that can change the path of your life.  Feng Shui from time to time needs to be updated.  One way to determine the energy in a place is by intuitively feeling it.  Some people will have ailments arise from the energy of the room.  Feng Shui uses the five elements which are fire, water, earth, wood and medal.

3 Levels of Manifestation:
1)Heaven Luck-This is Karma, destiny and where you were born
2)Earth Luck-(Feng Shui) whatever you are surrounding your body with energy whether it be positive or negative is absorbed.  The three most important areas in your home are main door, bedroom and kitchen
3)Mankind Luck-(Law of attraction) our innter energy can be the hardes to change and overcome our actions, fears, decisions, self sabotaging patterns and our denial.

3 Levels of Energy:
1)Permanent Energy- as long as you are in a space, how is the space supporting you or breaking you down
2)Annual Energy-remember north, south, east, west and variations of the four directions such as northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
The money corner this year is south and southwest.  To activate it use a bright light.  However you don't want to be facing south this year until January of 2015.
North is great for career luck, fertility luck
Northeast corner creates jealousy, mishaps and loss.  2 straight bamboo stocks and 1 curly bamboo stock with water will help with this corner.
East this year can create more stress and illness.  To change the energy here use medal and a salt cure.  To create the salt cure have a pasta jar and fill it up 2/3 with core sea salt.  Use 6 pennies or dimes, put coins in circle on salt in jar, top it up with water and this is the remedy.  This will absorb the negative energy and crystalize the salt if it works.  If a ripple is created or the compass is off it won't work.
Southeast is creating conflict this year, internal conflict.  To reduce this energy use a red poster or pillow.
Center is good this year to activate romance and study luck.
Southwest is great for writers and a money corner to tap into good energy.
Northwest is the weakest direction.  Put a lot of medal objects in there to help energy.
South, Northwest and North shouldn't have any renovations this year.  No digging, drilling etc.

3)Montly Energy
The movement or change of energy by the month

To find your lucky directions email Shafira.

Law of Attraction by Shiraz
Definition of law of attraction/vibration-You will attract what you are vibrating at

Stay open to possibilities.  People who think they are right close off their possibilities.  people will get out of their comfort zone, but, quickly jump back again.  When you keep doing it the uncomfortable will eventually become comfortable.  We have a financial thermostat for a certain level and it needs to be increased to achieve more success.
Pent up emotions will lead to dis-ease leading to disease.  It's important to find the affirmations that you believe in.
Appreciate where you are and what pain you are going through because it will help you find where you are supposed to be.
To master the outer game one must master the inner game and love themselves first.
Lead by being an example for others and don't follow a path designed by others leading to destruction.  Do this for 3 days and see what happens.  You can be right or you can be rich.
Get into the vibration of what you want to attract.  Action is important to create what you want.
Contribution is important to attract what you want.  Help others and you will receive through Karma
Ask for what you want and let go of how it's going to arrive.
Accept responsibility for your life.  Be in frequency for what is going on and change this to better your life.
People who think too much can do meditation or concentrate at a flame on a lit candle

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