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Recap: The Entrepreneurs Club! (Keys to Attracting the Right Customers) April 24, 2014

One of the first questions to contemplate by the group was how does it feel for a new comer to arrive in Canada and what do they need to know to succeed here.  Imagine for a moment that you just stepped off the plane or boat to your new home in Canada.  Is the place strange, isolating, difficult to adapt and fast and confusing or do you feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on new challenges/opportunities.  Whether you are from another country or not we are all faced with this decision.  When we leave our front door what situations are we faced with and how do we handle them.  Sometimes the place we grow up in can seem so foreign, confusing and troubling.  At other times it's rewarding, exciting and loving.  What goes on in us to make the difference in perspective.  Is it something outside of us telling us how to perceive the world or perhaps it's something inside us.  Steve created this event to teach us the law of attraction, suggesting, that it is our inner game that determines how we perceive the world.  We need to change our perspectives and vibration in order to see a better world of business or life in general.  Sometimes a person arriving in a new place can have a much easier time adapting to an environment because there are less triggers to bring about unwanted beliefs than someone who grew up in the same environment.  We, however, do bring ourselves with us and within a matter of time in a new environment will create similar dysfunctional life patterns until we heal them.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  Steve created an opportunity to have the audience glimpse at a better future and the steps or actions to take if they wanted more of that glimpse. For more information on this event please go to

Topics Covered At This Event:
What the audience appreciated:
Pain I feel                                     Parents                                            Be here in the moment
Cars                                              Good support system                      Health
Flow in spite of adversity            Friends                                            Surrounded by good people

What Makes Being Self Employed Great?
The freedom to be you                                      Ability to write off expenses
Flexible schedule and location                          Earnings can be unlimited
Can work 7 days a week                                   More meaningful
Time for different activities                                Freedom to choose
Being responsible                                             Do business with who you want
Provide more focus on needs                           Express yourself, dress however
Nobody above you                                           You can retire yourself and not fire yourself

What Makes Being Your Own Boss Challenging?
Cash flow                                                       Trading time for money
Have to do everything                                    Actively go and find clients
Procrastination                                               Turning off/on brain
Undermining/undercutting business              Financing
Baby sitting                                                   Marketing
Find reliable employees                                Taking time off
Listening                                                       Find reliable information
Lack of benefits                                            Lack of financial security
Being accountable for everything                Delegate and train others
Giving up control                                         Isolation/lack of emotional support

How Do You Maintain A Strong Business Relationship/Friendship With Clients/Employees?
Demonstrate you care, listen, keep things clear, need to cater to person, you can share without feeling like a burden, friends can open a huge door into both lives

What State Do We Want To Be In?
A state of learning, taking action, having a sense of daily accomplishment, feel good no matter what, always be centered, follow your bliss, choose to be happy and greatful, choose better perspectives, be able to reflect on the situation, cutting yourself some slack, be thankful for opportunities, enjoy what you have, think of yourself as having it all already, go to the limits of what's worrying you, make peace with yourself

How Do You Stop Worrying?
To know it always works out, we are always taken care of

How Do You Get Into Inner Resourcefulness?
Work on yourself, create a daily routine, be happy and take action

Some Final Thoughts
Listen to your inner voice                         Always stay humble
Change your thoughts                               Choose for you and not others

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