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Recap: Dating with Greater Ease and Results! (Lesley Edwards) May 1, 2014

Thank you thank you thank you we are relationship and dating magnets!  This was the theme last night as people were really paying attention to Lesley Edwards, a great dynamic facilitator.  The audience really stuck together with support, enthusiasm and appreciation with what Lesley and other fellow guests shared.  Lesley came from her heart when presenting and people felt that she cared about them.  Lesley asked the audience what makes an awesome date and the feedback was honesty, flow, being yourself and fun to name a few.  This sounds like a great recipe of how we should treat ourselves first and master these qualities to gain experience and then master it on others.  We need to have a relationship and love ourselves first before we love another.  Lesley gave some valuable insights and information using exercises, group discussions and examples to show how to date with greater ease and get results.  Steve always brings in the best presenters showing he is truly committed to the well being of his audience and fellow guests.  For more information on this event please go to

Topics Covered:
Beliefs Audience Shares Around Dating Is Hard
Boring                                             Finding a date is hard work
Lack of quality/depth                     People aren't honest
Being Confused                             Bad Personal Hygiene
Different Intentions                       Are they interested
Religion can be a conflict             Hears from other "I'm not dating now"
Viscous cycles                              Worry

Beliefs Audience Shares Around Dating Is Awesome:
Trust                                              Back and forth conversation
Flow                                              Being Yourself
Fun                                                Curious
Leave the past in the past or don't use it as major content
Focus on the other person

Chemistry Vs. Compatibility
What Is Chemistry?

Physical attraction                                    Same interests
Intellectual stimulation                            Hormones
Pheromones                                             More than physical connections
Spiritual Connection

4 Types Of Attraction:
1)Physical attraction-How a person looks, moves and smells
2)Emotional attraction-How a person feels
3)Mental attraction-How a person is stimulated intellectually, humour and interests
4)Spiritual attraction-Having a similar belief about life

What Attracts A Man To A Woman?
First it's physical attraction followed by emotional attraction and then mental attraction

What Attracts A Woman To A Man?
First it's mental attraction followed by emotional attraction and then physical attraction.  When women feels that the men cares they like it.

What Is Compatibility?
Personalities, value systems, life styles, interests, compatible of existing together in harmony, a natural alignment of values,

The difference between chemistry and compatibility is sexual attraction.

Confident in self                                        Eye Contact
Sense of humour                                        Teasing
Notty                                                          Making jokes
Way you say something                            Little bit of the riskee

Are there rules around going from dating to a relationship?
Get your commitments aligned.  Crucial conversations and communication are important

General Information:
Elusive chemistry is either there or not, can't be developed where most other things can.  We have a craving for a love story, it takes something to create that kind of love.  Communication needs a give and take.  Be clear about your intention such as I want to take you out.  Don't say call you later of had a great time if you really didn't.  Always be honest and straight forward.

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