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Recap: Attracting The Right Partner For You! May 8, 2014

Questions, questions and more questions. Do you wonder what makes a relationship work?  Would about how to attract that great relationship you have seen time and time again?  How did others attract it and create magic?    Sometimes we see these relationships all around us and we have two choices to make, either have it haunt us thinking "why can't I find it" or appreciate it thinking "I am building up my portfolio of what I want and when the time is right I will attract the right partner".    Steve did a great service creating this event to teach us about appreciation and the law of attraction with attracting the right partner.  The law of attraction is about vibrating with what you want so you can attract it.  Dating and relationships can, should and will be a great experience when you can recognize who you are on a soul level, put on your adventure hat and become inspired to find your soul mate.  In fact, think of Steve's group as a launching point to start fresh re-membering the magnificent being you are, ready to seize the day by loving yourself and accomplishing your dreams of attracting the right partner. In a world of love where up is down, left is right, logical can be illogical and reason can be treason, there was the right place for many to figure this out and it was Steve's event called "Attracting The Right Partner For You!".
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At this event Steve asked the group some great questions and I will ask them to you the reader.  Please comment on this page or the event page with your answers.

1) How can you discern the sincerity of a guys intention?
2) Do men have a similar issue of discerning the sincerity of a woman?
3)What is the rule of thumb to discern between friends and lovers?
4)Does age play a difference in intention?
5)What is the goal when two people commit to each other?
6)How long does the flirting stage last?
7)What is harder, getting into a relationship and being compatible or keeping the relationship alive for the long term?
8) How much excitement do you need to have to commit for the long term?
9)If you are a skeptical about finding the right partner what reasons do you have?
10)Was dating easier in our 20's than now?
11) Have you ever been in love?
12)Is it destiny you finding the right partner or personal responsibility?
13)Is there just one soul mate or more than one?
14)What are things we can do to help with finding the right partner?
15)Is smiling a signal or just natural?
16)Where is it appropriate to put on a smile and make eye contact?
17)Is there a different smile between being nice and feeling attracted to someone?
18)Do men understand different kinds of smiles from women?
19) What is shyness and how can we overcome it?
20) How do you feel if an attractive person comes and talks to you unexpectedly?
21) What are activities you enjoy doing in your life?
22) What are great date ideas? eg. bowling, mini golf, concert, walk, Canada's Wonderland, boating, comedy show, galleries, canoeing
23) Would you do it alone?
24) Who are role models for women?
25)Who are role models for men?

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