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Recap: In the Midst of Planetary and Personal Transformation! (Franco De Nicola) May 15, 2014

Life has a great deal of twists and turns, ups and downs that it can be difficult to find the true essence of who we are.  Everyday we wake up to many possibilities sometimes leading to being overwhelmed.  We fall prey to victim and victimizer scenarios thinking this is the only option.  We hear rumours of change, however, it's all too illusive to gain any personal insight and triumph.  Franco De Nicola came to speak at this event giving hope that everything can and will be great again.  This was our wake up call to shine a light on our authenticity and feel great about who we are and the qualities we possess.  the planet is on a course to move into higher dimensions and we are set for a great rollercoaster ride of fun and excitement.  We no longer need to be victims or victimizers, we have the magic wand to transform our lives to be sovereign and inspired.  Earth is our playground and we need to recognize we can manifest everything we want in this sandbox of choices.  Freedom isn't a myth, it's a real tangible component of our soul essence and all we need to do is ask for it. 
The empowered life process is about being and giving who we are in order to do what we want and get what we want. This may sound selfish, but it is not – in order to give greatness to others, we must first be able to give greatness to ourselves.  We can learn how to give this greatness to everyone (including ourselves) with passion. We only experience an energy drain when we resist our greatness. When we give it, everyone around us feels it and returns it. When others resist it, we can give even more by understanding where they are coming from. With compassion we can help them to access their greatness. If they continue to resist, we can then move on and feel great knowing that we have become a bright light shining on them and we have brilliantly fulfilled our purpose.  We will then find true success and we will more than just like our lives; we will love them!
Steve and Franco were a powerful team.  Steve was masterful at making sure the event ran smoothly to ensure all the guests had the right elements and atmosphere to create comfort and ease for learning.  Franco captured the hearts of the audience to greater awareness and perspectives.  His intentions were to create maximum potential for the audience and have us more than believe it, to know it!  Success was created!  For more information on this event please go to
Topics Covered:
In from the rain                             Energy                               Great life
System change                              Love at this event              Spouse
Health                                           Resilience                          Consciousness
Franco's Discussion:
Movement is taking place on planet, I am the creator of everything that exists, I create the illusion, you are a magnificent manifestor regardless of what is manifesting, life is what we want to make with it, there is nothing wrong with the world, we are all one, we are all playmates and have amazing experiences, I am the essence of all having a human experience, results will occur only when the issue is addressed, each incarnation gave opportunity to take baby steps, enlightenment can occur in this lifetime rather than many lifetimes, one way or another we are upgrading the playground, you become creator of realities
 Questions (The quest for answers)
What is consciousness?
tapping to who you truly know, accessing a higher knowing of who you are
Things are constantly going wrong in my home, what is going on?
How is the energy in home, flowing or not flowing in a positive spectrum, pay attention to what comes up and see if anything needs to be changed
Advice to someone positive surrounded by negativity and wants to make a contribution?
Don’t get caught up in negativity, you still have a frequency in you if you are being triggered,
What advice to give someone who is resisting?
Don’t get caught up in 3D world, you reflect the essence you are instead of expecting them to change
With the freedom of options it can be confusing, what do I do?
When you are coming from soul/heart variety and choice is exciting, feel your way to the next step, whatever you choose you can’t go wrong.
One camp saying world is broken, other camp saying world is perfect what do you say to them?
we go beyond seeing anything is broken.  When you see perfection, than nothing needs fixing.
Things are speeding up, what’s causing things to speed up and why now?
There has been small changes (.4 in hertz) we are just passing 14 hertz on the planet.  There is a realignment of planets, downloads of inner consciousness.  We are going through an evolutionary or enlightenment cycle.  Collectively we agreed to upgrade to shift consciousness and vibration.
Remembering or Letting go of who you are? 
Letting go of idea/perception of who you are and tapping into who you truly are.
What role does music play? 
Stimulates different states of consciousness, 440 hertz you feel it in your head, 432 hertz feel it in whole body, music for meditation, state of being.  Music synchronizes everyone at once.
Polarity vs. Relationship, have we misunderstand masculine vs feminine?
We need someone opposite of and attracted to someone we can’t do right now.  True relationships has a small part to do with polarity.  True match making is coming from soul to soul.  It’s about assisting each other to grow on a soul level.  Different levels of love, love changes to unconditional love or fades.
In a non dual paradigm, what role does ethics play?
We don’t have to have victim, victimizer anymore.  Roles being played are being shifted, it’s a mind construct where we judge polarity.
Assuming there are similar souls, how are you going from planet to planet?
The roles have changed from working with the matrix, timeline, beings off planet, allowing us to not get caught up in polarity world.  When travel it’s in a lighter body, pop in with non physical.
How can we feel empowered but not feel lesser than teacher? 
The teachers coming in are just sharing a message that they received but, we are all equal.  At soul, teachers are another facet of ourselves and the teacher is just accessing what I’m not able to do at this time.  There is no hierarchy.  When you are going to a certain level of consciousness, you become awakened or source conscious.  You create a new playground of equals.
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