Friday, May 23, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & The Art Of Great Networking! May 22, 2014

Do you remember playing a game called hot and cold where one person would hide something and you had to find it?  The hotter you became to the object revealed by the person who hid the item, the closer you were to it.  The colder you became to the object, the further you were from it.  We have this same paradigm in ourselves where the more we focus on past success' the closer we get to our goals.  The more we focus on past failures, the further and longer it takes to reach our goals and dreams.  It's like we wear a certain colour of glasses for success' and different colour glasses for failures and other negative thoughts.  With the Law of Attraction we will attract where we vibrate so positives will lead to more positives and negatives will lead to more negatives.  Last night Steve helped us to realize how to win our game.  What is our game?  It's setting our dream intention and achieving it.  As kids we loved games whether it be board games or imaginary ones.  The game of our dreams can be considered an imaginary game and board game mixed together.  There is strategy, trust, faith, past experience, research and a number of other tasks involved with reaching our goals and dreams.  It's a great journey for those who have the heart and mind for it.  If the dream comes from your soul, then your heart and mind will be on board with the right tools to achieve what is meaningful to you.  Steve's heart and mind were on track with his soul agenda last night to teach, inspire and encourage how to realize our dreams.  The group discussion was thought provoking and engaging with everyone taking part in the conversation.

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Topics of the evening:

To serve others                                      Health                                        Energy towards success
Roof over head                                     Community                                The unknown
Living in Canada                                  Laughter                                     Opportunities
Gorgeous weather                                Mentors                                       Being whole and complete
Family/Friends                                     Good future                                Challenges to help grow
Diversity                                              Programming code                     Share experiences with others
Generosity                                           Winter is over

Challenges to reaching our dreams:
Limiting beliefs                                   Fear of failure                              Not a good support system
Fear of success                                   Societal conditioning                    People forget the dream
Procrastination                                    Low self esteem                           Lack of focus
Stereotypes                                         Lack of internalizing the risk       Negative thinking
Mocking                                             Rejection                                      Criticism
Lack of faith                                       Lack of plan                                 Lack of social networking
Self doubt

Strategies to going for your dreams:
Take inspired action to work smart rather than hard
Grasp it when it comes                                   
Look to  play again
What is it about your goal that makes you want it-the real dream is about how you feel with it
Ask yourself is this your dream or someone else's dream
Focus on goal and be guided by feelings
Focus on love, gratitude and faith
Leave this world better than how I came in

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