Friday, March 21, 2014

Recap: Professional Development & Networking! March 20, 2014

How would you like to share with other people in collaboration to inspire and ignite your professional development?  This is exactly what happened at this event Steve created and facilitated.  Everyone had an opportunity to share why they were at this event and promote their ideas.  We had in attendance people working in multi level marketing, corporate gifts and event coordinator, marketing, product innovation and invention, franchisee, business coach, PR writer, art gallery and retail store owner, web developer, designer and a financial coach.  Guests came from different backgrounds at each of the gatherings Steve organized.  Steve discovered the guests were either in school, in transition, working for someone else or an entrepreneur.  Steve was able to target in and shine a light giving ideas to each and every guest.  The topics covered were on gratitude,  the law of attraction, what helps, challenges and marketing efforts.  Guests came to learn, grow and be inspired which is exactly what they received.

What guests were thankful for:
Health                                                                            Internet                                          
School                                                                           Mother's cooking
Strength to move forward                                             Learning opportunities in failure/success
Food                                                                             Surprises
Family                                                                          Common sense

What ideas help your professional development:
If you do more than what you are paid to do then you will be paid more than what you do eventually
Focus on what you do and do it for you
Feed your brain
Write down 10 intentions/goals per day and achieve them
Happiness is a choice, choose it
Learn to create passive income streams
Come from service, just do it, take risks, take action and have fun
Push forward and learn from your mistakes

Challenges people are faced with:
Being new to Canada and getting established
Create more sales
Explain business better
Being introverted
Dealing with family issues and how it imposes on time constraints
Staying organized and time optimization

Marketing Strategies:
Give value                                                Focus on customers
Create rapport                                          Be honest
Be knowledgeable                                   Be a good listener
Be gentle                                                 Be sincere
Have a good story of proof                     What is your earning the right story
Learn from mistakes                               Forget about the outcome and you will get the income
Focus on the now

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