Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recap: Friday Night Pool! March, 21, 2014

As guests came into Chalkers Pub, they were greeted by a host and hostess representing a concert.  They were shown to turn to the left where I sat waiting to register everyone.  The music from the concert was heard throughout the restaurant and billiard room providing a good ambiance.  By 8:30PM the billiard room was packed with guests mingling and playing pool.  Steve did a great job with booking the right amount of tables and as usual bringing positive, inspiring, uplifting people together.  Everyone seemed to get along and willing to share the billiard tables.  By 9:30PM the video DJ started and played great songs for the night.  People couldn't help but feel the energy to move and dance with the music.  Also, it was fun to watch videos from our past and relive those moments and memories again.  Steve was smart to book Friday Night Pool! on the same night as the video DJ.

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