Sunday, March 23, 2014

Recap: Springing Up Baby! (A Night of Hilarious Improv Comedy) March 22, 2014

Lights, camera, action or in this case, lights, action and laughs.  This show was a very popular show as there were no seats left and some people wanted to see the show so much they decided to stand for the performance.  Well, every show needs a standing ovation.  Then the standing area got filled and some guests had to be turned away.  Steve always recommends to follow the details on the website being,  arrive at 7:30PM.  The show took place in a large room with leather comfortable chairs where every seat had a great view.  No more of the "excuse me sir/madam can you move your head slightly".  Well the show started off with a bang, literally I think a glass fell and made a huge bang.  The improv troupes gave great performances.  There were three groups performing, two before the break and one afterwards.  All of the actors touched the audience in one way or another, some  even came down from the stage to touch the audience.  It was great to see the actors wanting audience participation and suggestions.  A special thank you to Marsha and Chris who were selected to go up on stage and be part of the show. 
Steve and Ralph (the contact at Black Swan Pub) are great at what they do, Steve had the foresight to work with Ralph and create a great show.  Steve was a master at bringing in the guests and Ralph brought in the right talent.  I can see this event being a popular one for a very long time.  All of the talent was very respectful of the audience and greatful for the opportunity to perform.  This made a great positive, uplifting energy in the room as Steve has been always known for.
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