Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Steve's Parties Are One Of A Kind!


There has been many events that Steve Flemming created and organized whether it be a social event, business/networking event, seminar, singles event, sporting event and many more.  From the ratings people had a great time and met many new friends.  However, living in Toronto we are faced with keeping the connections alive.  I want you to ask yourself, how many people did you meet at an event and kept in contact with?  How about the people you met and had a good connection with?  We only have so much time in a day and if you are like many of us, time seems to be speeding up.  Reunions are a great way to see familiar faces and connections again.  Steve Flemming's parties are not just parties they are a reunion.

Steve has the advantage of seeing many familiar faces and developing stronger connections.  But, for many of us being behind a desk, a computer or a number of other isolating places it becomes difficult to maintain and develop connections.  Whether you are wanting a friendship, a romance or just being with positive people these parties serve to bring these people together.  Reunions can serve many different desires we have and want to fulfill.  Again if you attended an event in the recent past and want to see these people again come and join us at the next party, The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash!

These parties always provide a lot of fun, laughter, cheer and joy.  Steve plays many of the great songs we listen to and this helps to provide the mood to connect with people from past events.  If you haven't attended a past event, start the journey with the next party at The Uptown Loft St. Paddy's Bash!  Your smile will thank you.

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