Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recap: Entrepreneurs Club (Attracting The Right Customers) Feb. 27, 2014

This event was a nice intimate group coming together from different backgrounds.  There were people from the financial sector, health and wellness, empowerment coaches, real estate, computer programmers, teachers, students and marketers.  Everyone in these areas were either working for someone, employees or in transition.  Steve Flemming and the group offered some great advice for people in need.  Sometimes we could use either a little push, an affirmation, guidance, a new idea or information on how to research something and Steve offers this in this particular event.  He also does his best to answer all of the guests questions.

Appreciation Shared By Group

Help others achieve their dreams                                      All of life
Supportive Clients/Friends/Family                                   Opportunities to travel
A chance to be educated                                                   The season of Spring is close
An enjoyable job/occupation

Topics Covered:
What is your fun in life (purpose)                                    How to better help clients            
 How to shift perspective on business (evolution)           Procrastination
Belief in Self                                                                    How to be of service
How to acquire resources to build a business                  How to be innovated/passionate

To create the passion spark
Find a point in your career when it was most exciting     Know where you are going
Focus on what you have going for you                             Remember there is abundance for everyone
Do something out of your comfort zone                           Embrace and trust the journey
Believe In Yourself                                                          Create yourself
Take responsibility for who you are                                Be creative and think for yourself
How To Duplicate Business
Be a leader                                                                        Trust
Have employees take ownership of business                   Discover employees strengths
Be honest
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