Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recap: the Right Partner For You! (Laugh & Learn) March 13, 2014

Are You Ready To Love And Be Loved?

Spring is just around the corner and there is still snow on the ground.  The good news is that we are starting to have warm spurts of weather.  Torontonians have been waiting a long time for warmer weather and to have glimpses again of what it’s like is a great gift.  The question is can our hearts be as kind.  Can we give ourselves the gift of romance?  Can we show spurts of warmth and affection?  This is a great time to master the inner game of loving ourselves and gain the ability to love someone else.  Steve Flemming’s event on attracting the right partner educated us to do this very thing.  Law of attraction according to a definition given by a fellow guest at the event dictates you are what you attract.  Meaning when you love and accept yourself you will attract that. 

One of the key topics discussed at “Attracting The Right Partner” was how to approach someone.  We discussed there are certain times when a woman can approach a guy being at a bar, grocery store and on vacation.  A great start to the approach is with eye contact and a smile (this can be applied to both sexes).  Also, calm any fears you may have by breathing, relaxing, letting go of expectations, be present and playful. When a woman engages a man, it’s best for the man to be honest, genuine, funny and playful.  It’s best for the woman to show genuine interest, be real, funny and playful.  Guy’s need to remember more is less sometimes so not too much touching, staring and negativity. Lastly, hopefully chemistry and compatibility will play the tango with each other to create a song lasting sometimes an eternity.  When all of these ingredients are applied it can create connection, love, companionship, stability, security and a better version of you.  Steve brought the group together to teach us the ingredients, however, will you be able to become vulnerable again with a warm heart or is there just too much snow keeping it cold.

There are a lot of challenges we face and these are:

 Time                                             Trusting again

Culture                                          Differences

Bad experiences                         Compatibility

Connections                                Values   

Personality Conflicts                  Not sure where to go

Rushing into it                             Limiting Beliefs

Boredom                                      Chemistry

Confidence                                   Fear

Stress                                            Making same mistake

Friend Zone                                

It’s no wonder why people have such a hard time being open to love.  It can be draining to pursue the quest for love and happiness.  This is what makes Steve’s events so important.  It gives a roadmap for success!

Have a happy and loving journey from Steve and myself!


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